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For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, a single jot or a single tittle shall in no sensible pass from the law, till all be fulfilled.” (Matthew five:18)


Jesus Christ stated that even the smallest of the letters and grammatical marks (jot and tittle) in the original text of the Bible had been straight inspired by God.

Equidistant Letter Sequences (ELS)

Equal-distance (or Equidistant) Letter Sequences can be found when, alternatively of reading a text normally––one letter at a time––hidden words are looked for by reading the text each two, or three, or four, (and so forth.), letters, skipping more than the letters in in between. The Bible is the only literature in existence that includes a lot of hidden ELS placed inside the scriptures in an intentional manner! This phenomenon is only discovered inside the original Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, and in the New Testament, Aramaic! Right here are a handful of examples of this phenomenon in English…

1. Genesis 1:14: “And God mentioned, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the evening and let them be for indicators, and for seasons, and for days, and years:”

The word “seasons” right here, translated “HaMoyadim”, implies “the appointed instances.” When searched for as an equidistant letter sequence, the word seems only as soon as in the Book of Genesis, at the interval of 70, clustering Precisely exactly where the word is spelled explicitly in the text, and exactly where the calendar is established. In addition, there are only 70 specially appointed instances for holy days known as HaMoyadim, in a year, as defined by Leviticus 23-52. The pretty interval exactly where HaMoyadim, “the appointed instances,” is encrypted in the text. Coincidence? (The longer the word, the smaller sized its probabilities to be discovered in the text at any offered interval. The odds against this have been estimated at far more than 70,000,000 to a single.)

two. The total numerical worth of the 4 letters of Y’SHUA is 386. In the Torah (the 5 books of Moses), the Name Y’shua is spelt out at 386-letter intervals – TWELVE Occasions! At least 12 instances, Y’shua has been found once again, encoded at 7000-letter intervals in the 5 books of Moses.

three. In the text of Genesis 38, at 49-letter intervals, are the names of Boaz, Ruth, Obed, Jesse, and David-in chronological order! David’s genealogy is basically encoded in chronological order in Genesis 38 in an equidistant letter sequence of 49 (7×7 of course) letter intervals! These names anticipate, 5 generations in advance, the subsequent 5 generations climaxing in David, a total of ten generations! 

four. The word “Eden” is encoded repeatedly sixteen instances inside the fairly quick Genesis two:four-10 passage of only 379 Hebrew letters dealing with the Garden of Eden. The odds against sixteen “Edens” occurring by opportunity in such a quick passage is a single opportunity in ten thousand.

In this similar chapter, scientists have discovered twenty-5 various Hebrew names of trees encoded inside the text of this a single chapter (Garden of Eden chapter)! The laws of probability indicate that the odds against this occurring are a single hundred thousand to a single.

five. In Isaiah 53, the Suffering Servant chapter, more than fifty names that deal with Christ’s crucifixion are encoded in equidistant letter sequences! Messiah, Yeshua, the 3 Marys, ALL of the Disciples’ names, Herod, His Cross… (See all of them right here). It really is also been discovered that All, passages prophesying the coming Messiah include the name of Jesus encoded inside them!

six. The 1st 5 books of the Bible (the books of Moses) are identified as the Torah. In 50 letter increments, we discover the letters spelling “Torah” in the 1st two books of the Torah. In the third book, the book of Leviticus, it does not appear to function. But it does function for YHWH, the sacred name of God (“Yahweh” or “Jehovah,” translated “LORD” in the King James Version), if you count in 7 letter increments. The final two books spell out “Torah” once again in 50 letter increments, but this time backwards. Amazingly, every book of the Torah seems to be pointing towards the Name of God! Verify it out:

The quantity 50 has numerous essential meanings (e.g. The Torah was offered 50 days right after the Exodus from Egypt), and the use of seven with the name of God should not surprise us! In addition, it turns out that TORH is spelled out far more than 56,000 instances in the Book of Genesis (with different skip lengths)! Genesis itself is slightly far more than 78,000 letters lengthy. Coincidence?

There is no other literature in existence which includes hidden ELS in the manner given right here. A lot of other Hebrew texts containing about the similar volume of material as the book of Genesis have been tested with no ELS becoming discovered. The above examples, which are only a smaller sampling of the discoveries which have been created, demonstrate supernatural complexity: hiding that a lot coded data of any sort in any ‘surface text’ is far beyond the capabilities of any current laptop or computer and any laptop or computer technologies that can reasonably be envisioned. The possibility of these ELS appearing anyplace by pure opportunity is mathematically not possible. 

And try to remember, to strategy this sort of factor would not just take years, but to prepare the text as properly, with best grammar, a message, and no contradictions, puts the statistical odds of it becoming humanly written as not possible. In spite of a lot of arguments and challenges, the information nonetheless stands uncontested. We are left with the undeniable conclusion that this phenomenon is a different clearly authenticated signature of God upon the pages of His message to mankind. 

Dr. David Kazhdan, chairman of the mathematics division at Harvard University, warns these who casually reject the proof of the ELS in the Bible:

“The phenomenon is genuine. What conclusion you attain from this is up to you.” 


  • Grant R. Jeffrey (from his book “The Signature of God”)


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