DEAR SENIOR YEAR, [pt. 2!] A Writer’s Faith


It appears like it was just yesterday that I wrote my post, “Dear Senior Year.” In actuality, it was published aaaalllll the way back in August. (um, what. I never have an understanding of how time passes by so promptly. Somebody GET ME A TIME TURNER. Anywho. *cough*) That post started with how fall was promptly approaching and now right here we are, with spring about to arrive. (at least if the snow decides to ever disappear. -.-) 

Due to the fact I began my senior year with a weblog post, now it only appears fitting that I finish it with a single. Hopefully this post does not turn out to be also sappy, but I will not make any guarantee considering that I am a deeply emotional particular person. xD

dear senior year,

You have ultimately come to an finish. Twelve years of college, numerous hours, two thousand, a single hundred, and sixty days in all… completed. Completed. I will not be facing the textbooks in the fall soon after a summer time break. I will not sit cross-legged on my grey folding chair any longer, with a blanket wrapped about me like a burrito. I will not have to grit my teeth by means of frustrating battles with stubborn math issues. (&lt&lt&lt hallelujah to the final a single!) 

I am completed, and for some explanation that is a terrifying believed.

I’ve explained this just before, but college and I have never ever been the very best of pals. I am an impatient, hands on form of particular person, and the prospect of sitting at a desk all morning to feel by means of tough ideas till my head hurts? … eh, I will pass. I’ve never ever liked college, but now that I am completed, I understand how comforting college was. (never ever dreamed of writing that sentence, ha!)

I explored the concept of comfort + college a small bit in my final senior post, but it is grow to be extra evident now that I’ve graduated. When in college, my goal/activity was set out for me. I woke up every single morning, and I did not want to feel about vehicles and jobs and funds and ~adult responsibilities~. 

I really feel a bit like Bilbo Baggins. I was in the routine of the life that I was accustomed to, living comfortably in my Bag Finish property, consuming lots of pizza and other superior meals. But then I opened the door for the dwarves, and now I am acquiring dragged on this new and stretching journey in life. (BOOM! ADULTHOOD! OFF ON AN ADVENTURE YOU GO!)

(as I reread that analogy it is a fairly awful a single and is not pretty related to my scenario, but I will take any chance to get in touch with myself Bilbo Baggins and pretend to be a hobbit thank you pretty substantially.)

It is been weird obtaining men and women say, “Congratulations on graduating!” Often it appears like the idea of me getting completed with higher college is less difficult for them to think than it is for me. Just about every morning I wake up expecting to trudge back to my college desk, but then try to remember — wait! I am completed! (so then I proceed to make coffee and invest the morning writing which has created mornings really enjoyable)

And when the “congratulations” take location, the inevitable query strikes: “So… what are you going to do with your life?” [psst, go read nadine’s wonderful post about this dreaded question]

Oh. Yay. *existential screaming*

Although I make enjoyable of the query, I do have an understanding of. I am a naturally curious particular person and would want to know my Best Secret Plans if I have been them. But the trouble is that I am me and I nevertheless ask myself every day what it is that I am going to do with my life. 😛

However, I never have any Best Secret Fascinating Plans. I am not going to college mainly because a) I have no concept what I’d go for, and b) I never want to go just to go and invest all that time and funds.

So as an alternative, for now, I am going to maintain operating at Starbucks (yay for no cost caffeine! (&lt&lt thank goodness for spell verify mainly because I can not spell “caffeine” for the life of me). I am going to search for a second job and hopefully settle into a routine that I delight in.

I may well not have as substantially time to create, but you greater think that I will invest the spare moments I have chipping away at my novels, taking these child measures toward publication. Writing is a thing that I never feel I can ever give up, no matter how insane and chaotic life gets.

We’ll see exactly where this crazy journey of life requires me. As intimidating as it can be, I am excited to see what God has in retailer for me. 😀

Properly, these are my scattered senior updates! A lot of my blogging/writing pals are going by means of the similar life modifications of becoming adults, graduating, and obtaining alter fly at them, so it is comforting to know that I am not the only a single. We can all freak out collectively! 😛

Have a amazing weekend. &lt3

katie grace

are you experiencing alter? like it? hate it?


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