David Congdon + Travis McMaken: Dialectical Theology


The dynamic duo of dialectical theology – David Congdon &amp Travis McMaken – are on the podcast. These two scholars, close friends, and theological provocateurs are right here to bring you some dialectical theology.

This conversation was recorded in their hotel space at the American Academy of Religion. Their space might or might not have had a bunch of crystals surrounding a giant collection of analytic theology texts.

In this podcast we discuss….

– the day David convinced Travis the bodily resurrection wasn’t required

– dialectical theology’s partnership to theological tradition

– what does the term “event” imply for DT?

– humans are messed up and are not the remedy of our issue

– the kenosis of the patriarchy

– theology for the religiously unaffiliated

– sadly Travis has no inner-life

– how Badiou ought to relate to Theology… a theology of the trace

– what tends to make an occasion christian

– the contrast among dialectical theology and salvation history

– tripp gets upset about theology with no existential register

– David is not pleased about St. Andrews, analytical theology, or NT Wright’s historical self-assurance

– analytical investigations of Kierkegaard are not cool

– carrying out historical investigations does not lead to the existential encounter of faith

– the have to have to embrace the secularity of faith

A Dialectical Theology Reading List


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