Creating Old Pennies Appear New Once more… A Science Experiment


New Year’s is a time for beginning fresh and setting objectives. This entertaining experiment with penny restoration will teach the children that, due to the fact of Jesus, we often have a fresh get started.



  • Salt
  • &#13

  • Vinegar
  • &#13

  • Paper towels
  • &#13

  • Two Bowls
  • &#13

  • Tongs
  • &#13

  • Water
  • &#13

  • Old dull pennies
  • &#13



  1. Mix a cup of vinegar and two tablespoons of salt into a single of the bowls.
  2. &#13

  3. Fill the second bowl with water.
  4. &#13

  5. Drop the pennies into the salt and vinegar answer.
  6. &#13

  7. Wait a couple of minutes to see what occurs.
  8. &#13

  9. Use the tongs to pull the pennies out and drop them on the paper towels.
  10. &#13

  11. Rinse them in the bowl of water so they are not sticky and asses the final results.
  12. &#13


If you attempted to wash the pennies in soap and water they wouldn’t come clean due to the fact, in most circumstances, the pennies have come to be oxidized. This occurs when the copper in the penny comes in speak to with oxygen, and types a new molecule named copper oxide. The salt and vinegar make an acid which dissolves the copper oxide and tends to make the pennies shiny once again.


People today adore to make resolutions, or program a fresh get started at New Year’s. Although it is fantastic to make plans to create constructive habits. God can assistance us be produced new anytime we ask. He desires us to be regularly increasing and he desires us to know that when we mess up we can be produced new. So make New Year’s resolutions if you like, but bear in mind that we are the pennies. And God’s adore is the cleaning answer. It is often there when we will need it.


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