Captain Marvel Left Me Baffled and Disappointed


When the credits rolled for Captain Marvel, I didn’t leave feeling empowered or inspired. Alternatively I pitied her.

Marian Jacobs
Apr 9, 2019

I was prepared to like Captain Marvel.

Just after all, DC’s Wonder Lady stands out in my thoughts as epic and chock complete of some glorious prevalent grace. Certainly Marvel’s personal feminst icon would be the similar?

But, sadly, I was left disappointed with Carol Danvers.

Ironically, I viewed the film just soon after writing the post, “When I Develop Up, I’m Going to Be the Villain” for Lorehaven magazine’s spring edition. In that piece, I argue that the purpose villains are usually a lot more appealing to young children is since the heroes are boring by comparison. They are usually stoic and lack adequate purpose to do superior. Just after all, stoicism is an enemy of goodness and, thus, has no spot acting the hero.

As stated so beautifully by Tyler Daswick in Relevant Magazine:

Brie Larson is a fine option for Danvers, but Captain Marvel does not give Larson a possibility to bring any type of original flair or panache to the anticipated hero poses and zingers. Larson has poise for days, but in comparison to Gal Gadot’s singular presentation of Wonder Woman’s idealism, naivete and determination, it is clear Carol Danvers wasn’t as properly-defined on the web page. You just cannot describe her. We know Captain Marvel is a hero, but in the MCU, that is not a character trait. It is a job.

As Daswick says, there’s no need to have to choose on Brie Larson. Any one who has noticed the film Area will know she’s an astounding actress. This is a Marvel dilemma.

So let’s just say it straight: the writing for this film was a mess. They pitched Danvers’ character arc as very first getting abused by her so-referred to as commander, Yon-Rogg. He told her repeatedly to suppress her feelings in order to have results in battle. And however this was not believable. What feelings? She had some simmering-beneath-the-surface moments right here and there, but was she a very emotional female? Not even close. With a couple compact (as well compact provided the scenario) emotional spikes when she discovered a lot more of her personal backstory, Danvers remains, properly . . . stoic all through the complete film.

One particular could make the argument that it was since of her mental abuse as a Kree soldier that Danvers appeared so devoid of correct feeling. But even in the flashbacks of her life ahead of the Kree, Danvers was not considerably a lot more expressive.

She appears to overcome this mental block and realizes the complete prospective of her powers which then leads her to be . . . nevertheless stoic.

Shouldn’t she throw off this persona now that she is no longer below Kree influence? Or is this what Marvel-Disney thinks feminine strength appears like? If that is the case, I cannot support but wonder if this is an instance of intense feminism in which a “strong” lady is depicted as a sturdy, silent form of man.

(And is this a trend? Didn’t Emma Watson’s Belle in the reside action Beauty and the Beast also lack proper expression at instances? However a lot more offensive nevertheless due to age was tiny Milly Farrier in Disney’s new Dumbo.)

Not only was Yon-Rogg’s abuse not believable or backed by Danver’s actual character portrayal, but the notion that one’s head and heart are at odds is a false dichotomy. They demonized the notion of getting logical against following your heart. Logic and making use of your head are superior gifts. God is logical since he does not contradict himself. He is not a God of chaos.

What of feelings? Of course there are instances when they lead us astray, but that is not since feelings in and of themselves are undesirable, but since we as sinful persons misuse them. We have only to go so far as the Psalms to teach our hearts how to be emotional in a way that glorifies God. When we marry logic and feelings, we greater fully grasp who God is. He is each a meticulous planner as properly as a passionate father in a lot more strategies that we will ever know. And we are his persons, produced in his image. In contrast to animals that have been provided only feelings ruled by nature alone, humans have the capacity to purpose and lead our feelings by our intellect.

When the credits rolled for Captain Marvel, I pitied Carol Danvers. She was injured, kidnapped, and abused by an alien race. However, rather of finding out catalyzing truth, her abuse only directs her into a lot more deception in the finish.


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