Can we make cash from writing? by Deborah Jenkins


Proud to be a household name in Caribbean principal schools (dream on Debs!)

I had usually dreamed of producing cash from writing. That is, to commit my time carrying out what I enjoy most whilst simultaneously producing a living from it. In my thoughts at least, this was rather distinctive from writing and publishing my novel, as I’ve usually assumed I would not make cash from it. By that, I imply I would be unlikely to be thriving sufficient to contribute a lot, if something, to the family members earnings. (But that is by the by. The pleasure I would derive from truly seeing my novel in print would far outweigh the lack of remuneration.) So in my thoughts the two issues have been usually totally separate.

I have heard that the typical annual earnings for a writer is about £12, 000. When I left my ‘serious’ teaching job to go ‘seriously’ portion-time, I prayed for possibilities to supplement my earnings with earnings from writing. Though this seemed a enormous step of faith at the time, it likely wasn’t as poor as all that. There are usually methods for teachers to earn additional cash – provide, tutoring, exam marking and so forth. But it was rather extraordinary the way the possibilities came and in the finish I did not want to pursue any of these.

The very first chance came by way of a neighbour. Her business was searching for an individual to create textbooks and she, a absolutely free-lancer, had also a lot on. I’ve written two sets of textbooks now, a single for a big nicely-identified educational publisher and a different for a smaller sized, lesser identified a single. Each of them have been social research textbooks and teachers’ books for schools in other nations, the Caribbean and Pakistan respectively. I knew really small about either of these components of the planet, let alone something about their politics, economics or history, but I knew I could obtain out. The books have been aimed at principal college youngsters and I knew a excellent deal about them. Possessing taught for a lot of years, I also believed I knew what sorts of information and facts and activities would engage and interest them. It was a fascinating expertise and I’ve discovered so a lot. From these two projects I had advances of £7,000 (the big business) and £2,000 (the tiny business) and the excellent factor about textbooks is, after they’ve sold sufficient to cover the advance, you get royalties for a lot of years to come.

The second chance I pursued myself following a different teacher-writer pal had achievement with the tes. I pitched an concept to them and they liked it. Then they asked me to contribute to many on-line blogs on a variety of challenges all associated to teaching, some of which I was confident writing for, some much less so. But I took all the things I was provided, figuring that if I did not know also a lot about the topic, I likely knew an individual who did. The spend was minimal for these pieces, normally £50 a piece, which meant the time/spend ratio was poor, but I figured if I was ‘faithful with a little’ they may possibly present me ‘a lot ‘ a single day. I was cautious to make these articles as superior as they could possibly be and ultimately this came to pass. They provided me additional severe articles sponsored by big providers and now I earn about £250 for 1000 words. The final pieces I did have been a series of 4 which have been actually fascinating as nicely as remunerative.

My third chance also came by way of approaching the publisher. I had been employing ‘Inspiring Females Just about every Day’ for years and a single day I believed to myself, ‘I reckon I could create these.’ So I approached CWR with an concept and they liked it. I’ve now just completed my second series for them. They spend £30 per day so the longer the month you are asked to create for, the much better! There have been other issues also – articles for Lady Alive, a travel business my husband made use of to perform for and the old NUT magazine.

Aspect of my dream has been fulfilled. Though I never make sufficient from writing to do practically nothing else, the earnings I get from it these days is additional than I ever imagined. The dilemma, of course, is balancing the time taken for the teaching and paid writing against my Nevertheless UNFINISHED NOVEL!! But take heart. If you dream of earning cash from your writing, it is not as hard as you’d consider (in my expertise).

How to get began: –
1. What ever your background or profession – teacher/parent/carer and so forth.- the possibilities are that someplace there is a publication/on-line presence writing about it. (Throwing your eye along the magazine counter in Smiths can be a superior spot to begin.) Feel about how you could use the experiences God has provided you to support other folks.
two. As Georgina Tennant described in her current outstanding post in the Christian Writer, Do not despise the day of tiny issues (Zech. four:10). If you are provided some thing tiny or badly paid (or even some thing non-paid), it may possibly be an chance to show what a superior writer you are, resulting in much better issues later.
three. Never be afraid to method providers with suggestions. Obtain their web-site, appear at the submissions course of action and adhere to it rigidly.
four. Study any publication you are considering of writing for avidly, noting style, content material and common way of approaching the challenges you consider you could create about.
five. Ask God to show you how you could use your writing present and preserve your eyes open for possibilities He may possibly bring you. They may possibly be in ‘unlikely’ areas.
six. Think in your self. You may possibly be asked to create some thing you know small about but if you are a writer, you can create something. You likely know persons who could support you and your most effective pal (google) undoubtedly will.

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Deborah Jenkins is a freelance writer and college teacher, who has written articles, text books, devotional notes and quick stories. She also writes frequently for the TES. She has completed a novella, The Evenness of Items, readily available as an Amazon e-book and is at present functioning on a complete length novel. Deborah loves hats, trees and tiny youngsters. Immediately after years overseas with her family members, who are now grown up, she lives in East Sussex with her husband, a Baptist minister, and a cat named Oliver.


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