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As our culture of Christian-y leaders, icons, and unapproachable gurus of influence continue to graduate disciples who are a lot more interested in platform constructing than bending their knees, we’ve inadvertently, and ironically buried a generation of young hopefuls in a canyon of “well performed my very good and well-known servant” darkness. The very good news, having said that, is that it only requires a flicker of light to conquer a canyon of darkness.

I was not too long ago blessed with 1 the most encouraging emails I’ve ever received. And it came from 1 of the wisest, kindest, and youngest people today I’ve had the privilege of getting connected with on this seven year journey of living by faith, and writing about the final results. Jordan S. is a seventeen year old higher college student, who has been on rather a journey of her personal. As a outcome, this vibrant young light has been applied by God to not only illuminate a handful of of my darkest days, but to remind my wife and me that our stroll nevertheless matters.

Take a moment to stroll with her right now as she courageously shares a bit of her journey right here, and you will be deeply encouraged to continue your personal, and filled with hope about what God is up to in the generation to come. Let us return the favor by cheering her on with feedback, as she gives us all…a a lot much better view of God. 1 Cor. three:18

Surrender “Seeking God not just above all, but alternatively of all things”

When Kevin asked me to create about my faith, I realized I am incredibly inadequate for this process. I can not even get myself to regularly study the Bible. I will speak about God’s adore as extended as you let me, but I am regularly permitting worry and pride to maintain me from displaying His adore.

For these motives and several a lot more, I didn’t really feel like I had something to share except for possibly a handful of good words plated with a thick layer of hypocrisy. What if I genuinely am sincere and it does not assist any individual? What if I do not create what God desires? What if, like when I have shared my heart just before, people today stare at me blankly with the sort of pity that reminds me of how 1 would appear at an injured puppy? I hope that does not take place, and I pray that my words will glorify God and encourage you.

In spite of the reality that I have attended Christian schools all of my life, my salvation story is practically nothing like that of the conventional youth group altar-get in touch with. When I was fourteen, I surrendered myself to God late 1 evening even though I sat, weeping in the floor in the bathroom of my property. This surrender didn’t come quickly either. It was the outcome of a broken particular person who had spent months wrestling with God, and like Jacob, I am nevertheless attempting to recover from my dislocated hip, metaphorically speaking.

Prior to this transformation, I lived with the comfy and warped view of God as a genie. I believed I could maintain Him locked away in my tiny lamp, rub it when I required one thing, and have Him grant my wishes. This view of mine was entirely shattered when I was thirteen. Immediately after numerous prayers that God would heal my mom of her mysterious sickness, she passed away. I found that my faith was practically nothing but a foundation of sand, and my property collapsed rather quickly when the rain and winds came.

Grief is a weird point. It feels a lot like suspense, like you are just sitting about and waiting for one thing to take place. You can not start off something new. You can not settle down. You have this continuous restless feeling and an overabundance of time to consider and really feel. For me, this manifested itself in my attempting to comprehend God. I couldn’t wrap my head about what had occurred. God was supposed to be very good. He was supposed to take care of these who loved Him and listen to our prayers. Why didn’t He take care of my mom? Why hadn’t He answered my prayers?

This lack of understanding quickly turned to anger. It turned into restless nights of screaming at God, telling Him that He didn’t know what He was performing, and asking Him exactly where He was. For months I was depressed, hurt, and angry. Every person about me attempted to assist by telling me about how I required to turn to God, and that only produced me even a lot more angry. Not only was God ignoring me, but He was the 1 who had reduce me open. Why would I want Him to assist stitch me up?

This awful cycle came to a head 1 evening when my inner turmoil became also a lot to bear. I was just sitting on a staircase in my property due to the fact I didn’t know exactly where to go. I started to pray, but this time it was distinctive. It wasn’t accusatory. I wasn’t angry. I just told God that I required Him. I told Him that I had been hearing rumors that He supplied rest for the weary and that His burden was light, but all I could really feel was exhaustion and heaviness.

It was then when I ultimately understood what Christians imply by “God’s nevertheless, modest voice.” God spoke to me gently and told me that He had generally been there. His heart was aching due to the fact mine was. He mentioned He had generally been prepared to take my heavy load, but I had to be prepared to give it to Him. I understood what He meant and started to cry. I hurriedly locked myself in a bathroom so my household could not see my tears.

In the floor of that bathroom God explained His course of action to me. Following God does not imply saying a prayer and getting a magic lamp that will resolve your difficulties. It implies each day surrender and trust. God desires us to surrender our dreams, desires, and suggestions of what we want our life to appear like to Him, and trust that what He has in shop for us is so a lot much better, even if the course of action is painful. That is precisely what I did that evening, and it was the very best choice I have ever produced.

Nevertheless, just due to the fact it is a very good choice, does not imply it is an uncomplicated 1. Following God is a by no means-ending course of action of obedience, which honestly, I have by no means been very good at. I’ve generally marveled at the courageous, faithful people today in the Bible. I’ve generally preferred a faith like David’s or Abraham’s. I’ve wondered how any individual could possess a belief so powerful in God that they would boldly fight giants that they would be prepared to sacrifice their personal son, recognizing that God’s program is generally very best.

Even even though I preferred it, this sort of blind devotion was generally one thing that I shrugged off. I believed that it was not possible to completely rely on God in a globe that teaches you to rely on oneself. That is why I really feel so blessed to have been capable to study “The Extravagant Fool.” Kevin’s story has offered me an instance of a true life particular person who does a lot more than just speak about the heroes of the Bible he emulates them. He listens to God’s voice and faithfully obeys. He has constructed his ark with no sign of rain, and that is one thing that has inspired and challenged me a lot more than I can place into words.

This inspiration could not have come at a much better point in my life. Ideal now, when I am attempting to sort by means of colleges and careers, is when I will make the options that influence the rest of my life. From Kevin’s story I have discovered that I do not have to have it figured out, that alternatively of pressuring myself to take action, I just have to have to listen and obey. I’ve discovered that I will not come across God’s objective for me unless I seek Him “not only above all points, but alternatively of all points.”

This implies that I have to let go of regions of my life that God does not approve of. I have to take duty for my careless sinning and selfish ambitions, even even though it tends to make me uncomfortable. Expanding up and taking duty for my life and actions is genuinely scary, but I have discovered that all results genuinely calls for is that I maintain a loose grip on my plans and my ears educated to hear God.

When you stick to God, your story is only sad if you cease just before it is comprehensive. Yes, all through life we are challenged and hurt. We have moments of feeling worthless, unloved, and inadequate, but due to the fact of God that is all short-term. What is eternal is laughter, joy, redemption and triumph. Our stories will by no means be somber tales of tragedy, but triumphant ones of God’s unrequited adore and faithfulness. All that is expected for this happily ever just after is a sensible God and a prepared fool.

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