“Battle for the Minds” at Southern Seminary


When I initial came to Southern Seminary to apply for the Ph.D. Plan in 2001, I went to the Boyce Centennial Library and checked out a 1996 PBS documentary titled “Battle for the Minds.” Back then, it was only offered on VHS, and it was not permitted out of the library. You had to watch it proper there in the AV lab.

Soon after seeing the documentary, I searched higher and low to acquire a copy of this video for myself. When that proved not possible, I started attempting to come across a copy on the internet and have searched for it at distinctive instances more than the years. I searched and searched, and it has eluded as a result far… till nowadays. A person shared it on YouTube about 5 days ago, and a buddy sent it to me this afternoon.

The story of Southern Seminary’s recovery from theological liberalism is properly-recognized at this point, but this documentary is not a sympathetic appear at that recovery. In truth, the producers would not have viewed it as a “recovery” at all but as a regression. The documentary focuses on the debate more than ladies in ministry, but via the course of the video it becomes clear that the troubles have been a lot deeper. At heart, the debate was about biblical authority, which had been shunned by numerous on the faculty at that time.

When the video was developed, numerous of the theological “moderates” hoped that there nevertheless may well be a likelihood to quit the conservative resurgence at Southern Seminary. We all know now that this was not to be. But issues didn’t appear so clear for these in the midst of the struggle in the mid-90’s. This unsympathetic video bears witness to that.

When I initial watched this documentary 18 years ago, it was only 5 years old. Nonetheless, the documentary bore witness to a Southern Seminary far distinctive even from what I knowledgeable in 2001. It is absolutely a globe away from what Southern Seminary is now.

This is a time capsule worth the time to watch.


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