Are You a Accountable Individual?


These days I am going to deal with a extremely vital subject.

I am going to concentrate on the want for each and every a single of us to act responsibly and I am glad that you have spared some time to study this sermon.

I think that folks have been designed to be accountable citizens. I am convinced that God in no way intended that folks would act irresponsibly. God is a God of integrity, He’s a God of excellence, and no one could develop into a mature kid of God if they continue to act irresponsibly.

When I appear about these days I see that I have been a victim of irresponsibility, in some way. There are a number of regions of my life that have been negatively impacted by somebody else’s irresponsibility, and the very same certainly applies to you. Just appear about you and see for your self!

But now is the possibility for us to rectify items!

When I realised that a quantity of folks have been acting irresponsibly, even some who are supposed to be esteemed folks in society, I decided to recheck my definition of the word “responsible” simply because I had begun to consider that I could be employing a incorrect definition.

I mentioned to myself, “If these folks, who are supposed to know greater, knew the which means of the word ‘responsible’, they would not be acting in this manner.” 

English is a second language to me I for that reason want to rely on the dictionary a lot. I suppose that even these who are truly English do seek advice from the dictionary from time to time.

So I consulted my only dictionary, The Random Residence College Dictionary. The dictionary defines the word ‘responsible’ as follows: answerable or accountable, as for some thing inside one’s energy or manage. Getting a capacity for moral choices and for that reason accountable.

Study the definition once again. Just after you do, you ought to take a minute of silence to take into consideration the query which says: “Am I a accountable individual?” Be sincere. Are you accountable for the items inside your energy and manage? Do you often make use of your capacity for moral choices? 

I now request you to pause reading for even though. Through this break, create down just 3 occasions in which you acted irresponsibly. If several of them come to thoughts, create down all of them.

Just after you are performed take some time to appear at your list. What image do you see? What have been the consequences of your irresponsibility either to you or the subsequent individual? Hunting back, do not you want you had acted (much more) responsibly?  

You want to preserve in thoughts that the image that you see is the very same image that the globe sees in you. 

I have come to think that most, if not all, of the complications that every single individual faces these days arise out of either their personal irresponsibility or that of somebody else. I consider that the globe would be a far greater spot these days if everyone had acted responsibly in the previous. Similarly, our kids and grandchildren will only reside a terrific life if we act responsibly in the now. Feel about it.

The contact to act responsibly is receiving louder and much more frequent by the day, and as you study this sermon, you should uncover it in your heart to heed the contact. It is an urgent contact. Now is the day that all hearts ought to burn for what is noble, transparent, constructive, ideal, morally appropriate.

You and I have a number of regions that are inside our energy and manage. In each and every of these regions we want to guarantee that we conduct ourselves with integrity we ought to demonstrate a powerful sense of duty.

We should not have something to hide. Rather, we ought to be in a position to clarify all our actions or omissions devoid of stuttering. As you study this sermon, you can be positive that there are lots of folks who are busy hiding information and facts on the actions that they have taken, just simply because such actions can’t stand scrutiny! Any action that can’t stand scrutiny borders on selfishness, therefore irresponsibility.

Let me quote from the Bible.

Paul gave Timothy the following instruction: “Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to your care” (1 Timothy six:20). Paul was teaching Timothy to be accountable for his actions – to make maximum use of the capacity offered him to make moral choices. Timothy heeded the instruction and went on to turn into a terrific leader in the service of the Lord.

What is it that has been entrusted to your care?

There certainly is at least a single point that you act guardian more than. I have you have. What are you carrying out with or about it? Are you guarding it are you plundering it are you acting irresponsibly towards it?

If you are a pastor, you have the congregation in your care. If you are a teacher, you have the students in your care. If you are a parent, you have the household in your care. If you are a wellness skilled, the sufferers have been placed in your care. If you are a driver, the passengers are in your care. If you are a city father, the city has been entrusted to your care. If you are an employer, your staff are below your care. If you are a ruler, the nation has been placed in your care.

I consider that you now appreciate why I consider that most of our complications arise from the irresponsibility. 

So several folks have died on the roads just simply because the driver acted irresponsibly and even ignored rebuke by the passengers. Road accidents are often triggered by motorists speeding via red robots, pedestrian crossings or junctions at which they should give way to other visitors.

Drunken driving is also a important contributor to road accidents.

1 day I overheard two guys engaged in a conversation. They have been laughing and I believed that they have been speaking about some thing truly fascinating. 1 of them mentioned, “My buddy, I nonetheless am at a loss how on this earth I managed to drive residence yesterday evening. I was so drunk that I could not get out of the auto immediately after parking it. My wife and kids had to pull me out of the auto and carry me into the residence.”

What do you make of this? Sounds familiar?

I also know of a quantity of circumstances in which teachers have been either sacked or imprisoned for sexually abusing students in their care and kids who have taken to the streets simply because parents failed to take correct care of them.

These are just examples. The circumstances of irresponsibility are as well many to mention.

If we fail to act responsibly in the right here and now, then we absolutely do a terrific disservice to future generations. 

With our actions or omissions, we shape the future. Let us not underestimate the energy that we wield in figuring out the type of future our kids will possess. They appear at us, they witness our actions and omissions, they listen to us speaking and often they judge us.

How stunning it would be for us to be guided by noble principles! How marvelous it would be to be true part models in society! How pleasing it would be for the future generations to appear back and conclude that their elders taught and raised them up ideal!

We want to preserve the atmosphere so that we bequeath it to our kids in a situation that they would appreciate.

We want to develop our economies and the social sectors to a situation that is greater than we located them, if our kids are to see us as builders, not demolishers.

We want to leave a legacy of honesty, really like, perform and peace.

It is inside our energy. It is inside our implies. Yes, we can. I think that we have enough willingness to do so. So let us perform with each other. Let us be of service to the human race. Let us consider progress.

Above all, let us strive to act responsibly, often.

Are you guarding that which has been entrusted to your care?

Do you have a clear conscience with regards to how you have carried out your self in the previous? Can you stand with your chin up and shoulders higher, devoid of shame? Would God and man describe you as noble, accountable? Would they take you to be a individual of integrity? If that is not the case, then you have some critical perform to do, and NOW is the time!

Guard what ever is entrusted to your care. Act responsibly. What a effective instruction!

FOR GOD’S SAKE, WHY Will not YOU Develop INTO A (Much more) Accountable Individual?

God bless!


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