An On the web Course to Create the Foundation Quite a few of Us Under no circumstances Received at the Start out: Registration Open Till February 1


Quite a few of us plunged into orphan care, adoption and foster care like most people today do parenting: lots of heart and tiny education … and even significantly less grasp of all we’d probably face along the way.

That is not all terrible.  There are certainly some items you cannot study in college.  But the very best service, like the very best parenting, is most constantly a blend of theory and practice, book studying and on-the-job education, classroom tips and elbow grease.

This is why I locate the CAFO “OVC Essentials” Course so important.  It lays foundation important to smart leadership and successful service.  It’s important expertise, fresh angles and very important viewpoint.  In quick, it is what I want I’d have discovered at the start out, rather than piecemeal more than several years.

Most participants take the course as they intern with CAFO member organizations, pairing hands-on service with deep studying.  Other individuals are employees and volunteers of organizations, desiring to broaden vision amidst their function.

Every single cohort (winter/spring, summer time or fall) joins in the 10-week journey studying collectively from all across America and generally far beyond.  Along with articles, videos, books and podcasts, the content material contains reside presentations and discussion with veterans and specialists from across the field.

Here’s what participants in final semester’s course had to say:

  • “In 10 weeks, I’ve been far better equipped than my personal investigation more than the previous two years. I’m so thankful for this course and its private influence on my life.” –T. Thompson.
  • “Words truly can’t express just how beautifully transformative this course and its material have been for me!  –S. Daley
  • “I am so thankful for this course! …I have discovered so several new, thrilling, difficult, and shaping items for me to continue to believe about in my future.” –A. Willis

Intern coordinators and HR leaders felt the identical.  Nicole Tambursten, State Foster Care Director for Arizona Baptist Children’s Solutions, expressed, “I cannot inform you how grateful we are for the chance to deliver our employees with the top quality education that Mike and Hillary received. It was evident that each of them had been totally engaged and a great deal extra devoted to the Mission following the education. We undoubtedly appear forward to placing extra employees in this deeply impactful education.”

You can see extra, which includes registration, on the CAFO site at OVC Essentials.  The syllabus and course content material are viewable Right here.

Registration for the winter/spring term is open by means of February 1…and the course begins subsequent week.

Tuition for interns and employees at any CAFO member organization are offered by way of scholarship at no expense.  Really feel no cost to share this details with interns you know…staff who are new and/or eager to grow…and/or your intern coordinator or head of HR.

In the end, OVC Essentials is about assisting emerging leaders develop foundation for a lifetime of successful service.  As Paul place it in Philippians, “And this is my prayer, that your really like may well abound extra in expertise and depth of insight, so that you may well be in a position to discern what is best…”  Not just passion…or tips and insight…or faithful labor…but all of these collectively.




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