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How do we locate ‘the good’ in a globe of poor hot requires? Right here to assist the crew pan for gold is Hannah Anderson. She joins Andrew, Alastair, and Derek to go over her new book, All That is Fantastic: Recovering The Lost Art of Discernment, and shares how, via discernment, we can not only survive the globe but love it.


Intro: [0:00 – 2:40]

Why create a book on discernment? [2:40 – 4:40]

Why “discernment” is frequently utilized in a damaging sense [4:40 – 10:00]

How to assess the on the web context, and engage/comment on concerns virtuously  [10:00 – 15:20]

How to physical exercise wisdom in picking one particular very good factor, or chance, and a further [15:20 – 23:45]

Exactly where/when discernment is the most tricky to use [23:45 – 27:40]

Which voices we really should listen to in a globe exactly where every person is telling us to adhere to them [27:40 – 33:55]

How to limit the on the web voices/figures on our newsfeed [33:55 – 40:13]

Conclusion [40:13 – 41:30]

Sources talked about:

The Death of Experience: The Campaign Against Established Expertise and Why It Matters

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