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Hey, every person!
I know, I know. It is been a even though. But right here you locate me when once again.
My absence from writing can most effective be explained this way… I spent the final of November and all of December praying and attempting to stay hopeful as God is throwing challenge soon after challenge at me.
I have had a lot of reflecting to do in these final two months on points like: choices for my future, friendships and relationships, my faith, and my all round happiness. To be absolutely sincere, the final of November and all of December sucked all of the additional power out of me and I didn’t have the power to create.
I have spent time away to refocus myself.

2017 is right here now and so am I.

So, I hope you appreciate.

I laid on my bed final evening, my butterfly lights glimmering against the white of my walls and my thoughts wandering aimlessly. I was lost in believed, considering about what I look to usually locate myself considering about these days: my future.
Although I was considering for myself, I was also considering about Jesus. Not too long ago in my life, He has been tough to locate and stick to. I really feel like I am playing “Hide and Go Seek” with the Savior of the Planet.

Is He more than right here?
Is He more than there?
Is He in fact for me?
Is He in fact with me?

The queries continued, but in the midst of my considering, a familiar tune start playing by means of my head. I sat up.
I couldn’t resist to begin humming it quickly, my humming turned to singing.
A couple of minutes passed and I identified myself on Spotify browsing for the song “God With Us: MercyMe.”
The volume on my telephone all the way up, I sat criss-cross, with closed eyes and open hands I listened in closely. I repeated this a couple of occasions till ultimately, I was singing the lyrics like I had by no means sung them ahead of.
And even though I have heard this song so a lot of occasions ahead of on Christian radio, all of a sudden the lyrics meant so a great deal additional to me. The lyrics grabbed my interest.

The initial point I wish to do is leave the lyrics of the song under, so right here you go.

God With Us: MercyMe

Who are we, that you would be mindful of us?

What do you see, that is worth hunting our way?

We are cost-free, in strategies that we by no means really should be.

Sweet release from the grip of these chains.

Like hinges, straining from the weight…

My heart no longer can preserve from singing.

All that is inside me cries, for you alone be glorified.

Emmanuel, God with Us.

My heart sings a brand new song. The debt is paid.

These chains are gone.

Emmanuel, God with Us.

[Second Verse]

Lord, you know our hearts do not deserve your glory.

Nevertheless you show, a like we can not afford.

Like hinges straining from the weight…

My heart no longer can preserve from singing.

[Back to Chorus]

Such a tiny supplying compared to Calvary nonetheless, we lay it at your feet. [Back to Chorus]

The lyrics give me chills.

I am positive by now if you have been a member of any faith, you have heard the which means of Emmanuel, and if you haven’t I am going to share it anyways.
The story comes straight from Matthew, one particular of the Gospels in the New Testament. I am referring especially to Matthew 1:23.

Mary and Joseph are engaged to be married at this point in Matthew. Joseph finds out that Mary is pregnant, which in these occasions to be pregnant without having becoming officially married brings dishonor to your loved ones and to your name. When Joseph finds out, he is frightened, and longs to get in touch with off their engagement peacefully to prevent the public humiliation Mary would face having said that, an angel seems to Joseph in a dream and encourages Joseph to trust God, for He has a strategy for the kid.

The angel says to Joseph:

The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will get in touch with him Immanuel” (which indicates “God with us”).

Matthew 1:23 (NIV)

So, now I get to the root of this complete post: He is God with Us.

I locate this so simple to neglect, although. I assume there are a lot of causes for it, but I assume the key cause is we can get so caught up in focusing on our complications. We get so caught up in our situations that it causes discontentment. In a Bible Program I am presently reading the author, Debora Coty, says: “Discontentment is a side impact of feeling like our life situations are spiraling out of handle. Fretting is our feeble work to sustain handle. So we…

F: false sense of

R: duty for

E: just about every tiny

T: point.”

When we do this, we are letting these worries kill our joy and we neglect what the songs says: we have been provided a potent present that we by no means deserved to start with. And psssttt that is Jesus.

I assume a further cause this can be so conveniently forgotten is this: Jesus is holy, flawless, and sanctified.
He is not in this planet so from time to time we can conveniently neglect that He genuinely is ideal there with us by means of just about every struggle.

But the Bible tells us these two points:
Jesus has two natures: He is God and He is man.
Each and every of these two are comprehensive: Jesus is Completely God and Jesus is Completely man.

This blows my thoughts, individuals! God could have sent Jesus into the planet in any kind He preferred, but he sent Jesus as an infant. God did this so that Jesus could develop in this planet and knowledge all the points we do: joy, trial, temptation, sadness, irritation, grace, freedom, loss, excitement, disappointment, companionship…. God sent Him right here to knowledge all of this so he could fully grasp us absolutely and without having misconception. He was sent so that he could genuinely be Emmanuel, God with us. This is big! So, so big!

Since He is God with us, He understands.

Since He is God with us, He weeps when we weep.

Since He is God with us, He requires our hand all through the chaos and walks beside us.

Fretting requires our concentrate off of the one particular who is walking beside us. He is ideal there, wherever we go. He is not preparing on leaving or forsaking us. He knows what He’s performing and I bet He plans to preserve on performing it. He loves you so a great deal that He sacrificed himself for you. When you are in the thick of trial, keep in mind that He is genuinely with you… He is Emmanuel, God with us.


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