Why Little is Equally Mighty


When I was in higher college youth group, we got to play a game named “Bigger and Greater.”  It is a group developing workout that asks every group to commence with an insignificant item like a paper clip, go out into the neighborhood, and trade up the item to one thing larger and far better. The target is to retain upgrading the object till the time runs out.  Each group then returns, and the winner is the group that traded up to the most significant and greatest item.  It is a exciting game nonetheless, it teaches persons to think in a logical fallacy.  

Assuming one thing is far better just due to the fact it is larger is erroneous pondering.  It was incorrect pondering when David fought Goliath, and it is incorrect pondering nowadays.  There are all types of factors that are totally not created far better by rising their size.  For instance, no one thinks that getting major bills is an improvement.  Swallowing major tablets?  Sorry, I favor my medicine in tiny pill format.  I’ve under no circumstances had kidney stones ahead of, but persons assure me that larger is not far better.  I’m also very thankful that healthcare tools have been scaled down to microscopic sizes.  Surgeries have gotten far much less invasive as a outcome.  If the whole planet purchased into the lie that larger is far better, then factors like the Tiny Property Revolution wouldn’t exist either.  There are other examples of how smaller sized is far better, and college size is a important instance. Little schools have distinct benefits more than significant schools.  

Not too long ago, I assume it has turn into trendy to think that going to a major higher college provides students much more possibilities.  To be fair, there is some truth to that statement.  Big schools do present factors that smaller schools do not present nonetheless, smaller schools present just as lots of student possibilities.  The important is that a smaller college like Calvin is providing factors that major schools are unable to present.  For instance, smaller schools have a great deal much more freedom to innovate and implement new applications.  Calvin Christian’s spring interim sessions are a very good instance of this sort of innovation.  Students are capable to study photography although canoeing down the Colorado River, study animals although studying from zookeepers at the San Diego Zoo, and study sound and light production from market pros.  Being smaller also permits Calvin to take the whole student physique on a multi-day retreat.

A smaller sized college size has day-to-day strengths that boost the on campus knowledge that extends beyond the major, annual events.  A smaller college provides students access to every other on a everyday basis.  This builds in a sense of camaraderie and neighborhood that is absent from a three,000 student campus.  A potent sense of belonging happens when everyone knows your name.  That deep intimacy was even mainstreamed in the common culture market in the title sequence song of the show Cheers.  Go ahead, sing it.  You know you want to. 

“Sometimes you want to go 
Exactly where everyone knows your name.”  

Calvin students know every other, and Calvin’s teachers know their students.  Being smaller implies that every teacher gets years of speak to time with a student.  That builds in a genuine sense of investment for that teacher.  A Calvin student is not just a quantity passing by means of a classroom for only a single semester.  That student is a kid of God that the teacher gets to aid construct and mold more than quite a few classes and years.  

Ultimately, a smaller sized college provides every and each and every student on campus the opportunity to attempt the a variety of applications that the college presents.  If a student desires to be a aspect of the choir, soccer group, debate club, musical, and so on., that student can totally discover a location in these applications regardless of prior knowledge and talent.  This wide variety of chance creates students that are properly rounded, diverse, and knowledgeable about a wide variety of their prospective future talents.  

Calvin Christian College is a smaller college, and that is a very good issue.  I’m a graduate of Calvin Christian, and I have under no circumstances when regretted getting in a location exactly where everyone knew my name.  If a loved ones is going to base a college decision on size alone, then they think that size matters.  That’s okay as lengthy as there is a realization that the smaller can be mightier than the significant.  I assume King David would agree.  


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