Why I’ve Not Been Posting


Why I’ve Not Been Posting

Some of you have asked why I have not been posting on this weblog, so let me clarify.

The purpose is since I have decided to create a book on living by faith, and I do not have time to create weblog posts AND a book.

Why a Book?

It is since your comments and testimonials have encouraged me that a lot more individuals require to hear these truths.

And a book has benefits more than a weblog, since it can –

  • Be study by individuals who do not study blogs
  • Be readily available when you do not have the world wide web
  • Go into a lot more detail and answer a lot more inquiries
  • Influence your pondering a lot more deeply
  • Be provided to somebody as a present
  • Influence a lot more individuals with the very good news of living by faith.

Why No Time?

Most of you know that my wife and I have been planting an English-speaking international Church in Abu Dhabi.

God is undertaking a gorgeous perform right here. But I only have so a lot time for writing, and I do not have time to create a book AND create weblog posts.

So I’m focusing on the book, since I feel that will strengthen a lot more individuals, and bring a lot more glory to Christ.

And I am enjoying this writing, since my writing is assisting me find out a lot more and develop a lot more in living by faith.

When Will the Book Be Accessible?

I’m not confident. But if you are interested, subscribe to this weblog in the leading proper-hand corner of this web page, and I will let you know.

I know numerous of you been praying for me and this book – thank you.

And please preserve praying.

For Jesus’ glory,

Steve Fuller


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