Why Do I Do This?


  • Why do I drive on the Interstate at 80 mph whilst I appear at Facebook on my telephone?
  • Why do I ignore the misbehavior of my youngster and then count on her to do greater?
  • Why do I gripe and complain all through the day and then wonder why I really feel so lousy?
  • Why do I not take care of my auto and then wonder why it is now falling apart?
  • Why do ignore my wellness and then wonder why it is now catching up with me?

Have you ever asked your self these queries?  Have you ever looked at a behavior, a habit, or a way of life and asked, &#8220Why on earth do I hold undertaking this?&#8221  Often we do issues that don&#8217t make sense.  In truth, specific behaviors can be unwise and even foolish.

Lately as the New Year was approaching, I started to ask myself different queries about the way I utilized my time.   I looked at the way I utilized my time in light of what I want to get completed.  What do I want to do in terms of my perform and my ministry?  I looked at my calendar in light of the type of individual I want to be.  I looked weeks of appointments, commitments, habits, and basic time use.  What does this say about me?  If I continue to use time like I did in 2018, what type of individual will I be at the finish of the year, 2019?

I pray about this and think that smaller adjustments, even infant measures, can be highly effective!  I am searching for the subsequent-suitable-step in the different arenas of my life.  Possibly you would uncover this valuable.  It has undoubtedly been valuable to me.




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