Why Are You So Jealous?


When I speak about lengthy-term sexual monogamy not operating, I, surprisingly, do not get a lot of guys (or girls) protesting that any longer. Lots of years ago I did, even from PUAs(!). Lengthy-term monogamy operates as lengthy as you discover the ideal girl, lengthy-term monogamy operates if you are Alpha, lengthy-term monogamy operates if you are a Christian, blah, blah, blah and so on.

Yes, I truly made use of to get this insane crap from guys defending lengthy-term monogamy and conventional monogamous marriage.

But not so significantly any longer. Cheating, breakups, and divorces have develop into so rampant in the final ten years as the Western globe continues towards collapse that even hardcore ideal-wing guys complete of Guy-Disney do not actually bother to defend lengthy-term monogamy for worry that they may appear stupid (which, of course, they would).

Nevertheless, I’ve noticed that these excuses have morphed into a thing else. Defending lengthy-term monogamy has magically transformed into defending jealousy. These excuses normally take the kind of 1 or much more of the following:

I could by no means have an open marriage. I get that monogamy does not perform, but I’m also jealous.

I would Under no circumstances have a marriage (or partnership) like you speak about! I can not be with a lady who is permitted to fuck other guys!!! I’d fucking kill that bitch!

BD, not all males can have an OLTR marriage or open marriage. Possibly it operates for some guys, but lots of guys can not do this. Some males are also jealous.

This all goes back to the notion I’ve discussed prior to about defending these private shortcomings that make you unhappy rather of enhancing them.

Just consider if you heard a guy say a thing like&#8230

I could by no means shed 60 pounds. I’m fat. I was born with negative genetics. It is just how I am. Possibly some other fat guys can shed 60 pounds, but not me.


I could by no means make $75,000 per year. I’m also lazy. I know it sucks, but I’m lazy so I’m just going to have to be poor the rest of my life. Just the way it is.

We all have private shortcomings. I have some, you have some, absolutely everyone has some. They’re distinct for each particular person, but we all have elements of our character, bodies, or genetics that make us weaker / shittier in some locations than other individuals.

Some guys suck with income. Some guys suck with girls. I suck with my weight. Some guys are lazy. And some guys are… jealous.

These are all difficulties that require to be addressed. These are not points that you just surrender to for the reason that “that’s how you are.” No, you dumbass. If these points lead to you unhappiness, then at some point, possibly not right now or tomorrow, but at some point you are going to have to sit down and address this dilemma.

Jealousy is not a trait. It is a dilemma. A trait is a thing about you that you have to reside with. A dilemma is a thing you repair. If you view a dilemma as a trait, you are just getting lazy and irrational.

Possessing a reduce metabolism is a trait. Absolutely nothing incorrect with that. Becoming fat is a dilemma. You require to address that.

Becoming an introvert is a trait. Absolutely nothing incorrect with that. Not possessing any sex for more than a year is a dilemma. You require to address that.

Possessing a much more emotional character form is a trait. Absolutely nothing incorrect with that. Becoming jealous is a dilemma. You require to address that.

1 argument is that jealousy is biological and therefore there’s absolutely nothing incorrect with it. I’m not saying you ought to have zero jealousy at all occasions. That is silly. I’m saying that if you are actually jealous as compared to lots of other males, you have a dilemma that you require to address.

Let’s take two guys, Guy A and Guy B.

Guy A is an Alpha Male two. who has an OLTR plus an FB on the side he has sex with various occasions a month. 1 day his OLTR tells him she had sex with some other guy, a beta male she met at a celebration final year. He shrugs and moves on with his day. She’s been with him for various years and he trusts her, so he does not actually give a shit. Inside 3 minutes it is fully out of his head.

Guy B is an Alpha Male 1. dating 3 distinct girls casually. 1 of these girls tells him quite significantly the exact same factor that she had sex with some other guy, a beta male she met at a celebration final year. He is immediately consumed with jealousy, screams at her, calls her a slut, commands her to by no means see any other males but him, and stresses about this for the subsequent two weeks.

The biological human propensity for jealousy has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the distinction among these two males. Guy B has a severe dilemma in his life with his jealousy that he requires to address. If he just says, “Hey man, there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it, that is just the way I am,” then he’s just getting a defensive and lazy tiny bitch&#8230 and embracing his personal unhappiness.

Stupid. (Unless unhappiness is your target, but if it is, I&#8217m not certain why you&#8217re reading my content material.)

Yet another argument is that getting jealous like this is “healthy” or a thing. I’m sorry, but psychologists and researchers disagree with you.

Here’s a quote from this post from Psychology These days with citations to all of the referred-to research:

…what actually motivates jealous responses? Study has linked various traits to higher jealousy:

  • Low self-esteem.two,three
  • Neuroticism: a basic tendency to be moody, anxious, and emotionally unstable.two,four
  • Feelings of insecurity and possessiveness.five
  • Dependence on your companion:six,7 Even asking individuals to consider that they do not have superior option partners leads to much more adverse reactions to hypothetical jealousy-inducing scenarios.eight
  • Feelings of inadequacy in your partnership: Commonly fearing that you are not superior adequate for your companion.three,9,10An anxious attachment style: A chronic orientation toward romantic relationships that entails worry that your companion will leave you or will not really like you adequate.11,12 Study has shown that temporarily causing individuals to really feel much more securely attached, by asking them to assume about getting assistance from a loved 1, tends to make them react significantly less severely to a hypothetical jealousy-inducing circumstance.13

All of these elements that relate to jealousy are about the insecurities of the jealous individuals, not about the really like they have for their companion.14

Here’s an additional 1 from 2KnowMySelf:

The following are attainable root causes for jealousy:

Jealousy root lead to #1: Lack of self self-assurance: The major lead to for feelings of jealousy are your doubts about your skills or capabilities. If you have been 1 hundred % certain of your self you would have by no means suffered from any jealousy feelings

Jealousy root lead to #two: Poor self image : Possessing a poor self image is an additional lead to of jealousy. If you think that you appear ugly or that you are not that handsome then possibilities are you&#8217ll be experiencing feelings of jealousy anytime you meet an individual who appears greater than you

Jealousy root lead to #three: Worry : 1 of the root causes behind jealousy is getting afraid. This worry can be a worry of ending up alone, a worry of getting rejected or a worry of losing the really like of your companion.

Jealousy root lead to #four: Insecurity: Feelings of insecurity are the outcome of the two previously described causes. A poor self image and lack of self self-assurance can outcome in creating you really feel insecure about a partnership and this can be a powerful explanation that can make you jealous.

And here’s a study accomplished by the American Psychological Association titled, “Study hyperlinks jealousy with aggression, low self-esteem”:

The researchers identified:

Each self- and peer-reported jealousy appeared to contribute to adolescents&#8217 knowledge of loneliness, even when researchers controlled for adolescents&#8217 broader social acceptance by peers.

Adolescents with reduce self-worth reported higher vulnerability to jealousy.

Jealous adolescents have been each physically aggressive, such as by hitting or pushing, and passively aggressive, such as by ignoring a peer with whom they have been angry.

I could go on and on with examples from authorities, people. If you are so damn jealous that you are prepared to embrace lengthy-term monogamy that you know does not perform, then you have a severe dilemma inside you connected to your personal self-esteem and inner insecurities that you require to address, repair, and/or alleviate as very best you can.

I didn’t say you require to be great. As I stated above, weight is my dilemma, and I’ll possibly by no means have that “perfect.” If you are a jealous guy due to your character, childhood experiences, or what ever, then certain, you may well not ever get to the level of outcome independence with regards to sexual jealousy that an individual like me has, and that is okay. The point is to get your jealousy down to levels exactly where you can at least make alternate partnership systems perform for you, systems that are much more conducive to lengthy-term masculine happiness.

And, as generally, it is your life. If you do not want to be content, that is your decision also. But do not attempt to bullshit the globe by saying that it is “just how you are.” That is not the dilemma and you know it. If poor guys can make much more income, if introverted guys can go get laid, if I can shed weight, and so on, then you can develop into significantly significantly less jealous.

Note: To preempt the query I know I&#8217ll get in the comments: Okay, but HOW do I develop into significantly less jealous?, study Chapter 12, Section 11 of The Unchained Man, or even greater, all of Chapter 14 of The Ultimate Open Relationships Manual. But frankly, how to develop into significantly less jealous isn&#8217t the genuine the dilemma. The dilemma is guys working with their jealousy as an excuse and then performing absolutely nothing about it.

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