Why 2019 Will have to Be Your Church’s Year to Wake Up, Get Equipped, and Attain Out


Content New Year! It could be a fantastic 1, if we’ll lastly wake up, get equipped, and attain out. That is why I want to ask you to take thirty minutes to watch at least the 1st half of this video.

Dr. Michael Brown and I had been speaking on his Line of Fire radio system about my Stream short article, Church, Wake Up! An Urgent Contact to Action. (Also mirrored on this web-site. The Line of Fire title you see beneath is for the show’s second half hour.)

This took spot a couple weeks ago, but I saved posting it till now since as well lots of of us are as well busy just just before Christmas. I’m trusting you will not be as well busy now. At least study the short article, please. It matters.


This is a get in touch with to action. It is primarily based on new, critical challenges we believers face. We’re in a predicament exactly where folks with energy, hostile to the faith, are moving toward complete-on anti-Christian totalitarianism — and it is developing nonetheless. But this is also the year items could commence to alter.

As Michael knows — and says — I’m no chicken-tiny doomsday preacher. I’m just saying what I’m seeing. If your personal observations are not sufficient to convince you, recognize there’s considerable social science supporting this. It is a direct threat to freedom of religion and freedom of conscience. Most urgently, it is a direct assault on young believers’ faith. It is placing their eternities at danger.

A Strategy For Your Church’s Response

It is taking place, and the Church is asleep to it. 1 cause I feel we will not appear it in the eye is since we do not know what to do. We want not really feel so lost. In my Stream short article I list six standard actions each church ought to be taking nowadays. Here’s the quick version, directed mainly at church leaders, in particular pastors.

  1. Inform the complete truth. Do not hold back! Let your congregation know how we’re at danger.
  2. Once again, inform the complete truth. God is nonetheless God. His Word is nonetheless His Word, and that incorporates His moral instruction.
  3. Third: Remind them Jesus nonetheless lives, and we should reside for Him, no matter what.
  4. Fourth: Lead the way in engaging the battle by way of prayer.
  5. Fifth: Equip your folks with answers.
  6. Sixth, and lastly (since folks frequently try to remember most what they study final): Show and teach how to engage the battle in really like.

These actions can make all the distinction. Realistically? Yes! How? I unpack that lightly in that short article. More than the subsequent a number of weeks I’ll adhere to by way of in higher depth. Keep tuned right here and at The Stream.

This is not about defensiveness. It is not about operating scared. Jesus’ followers are safe. He saved us absolutely on the Cross. I can reside in total freedom and joy in him, provided that expertise. But what about the folks we really like? What about our mates, co-workers, neighbors — and our family members members, in particular our kids and grandchildren?

2019 could be a fantastic year for us if we gear up to attain out, totally equipped to speak the truth in really like. But only if we wake up and commence taking action. Now’s the time.


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