What Jesus Taught About Most (hint, it is not funds)


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What did Jesus teach on the most? That is a excellent query, but a single that is not effortless to answer.

If you have been in church for the duration of a funds series I assure the pastor stated Jesus taught far more about funds than something else. And that is partially accurate. Jesus didn’t speak a lot about funds, but he didn’t teach about it as a lot as some say. 

The answer to what Jesus did teach about most will rely on which lens you want to appear by way of. You can count particular words Jesus utilized, the quantity of parables told on particular subjects, or the quantity of verses devoted to several subjects. Based on how you count it you will get various answers. Plus we only have a tiny sampling of Jesus’ teachings, so who knows what he taught about that wasn’t recorded.

Rather than place an argument out for what single subject Jesus taught about most, I want to appear at the variety of subjects Jesus taught about. That way we can see some of the essential themes that Jesus continually went back to.

Let’s begin with the subject we’ve currently pointed out. The a single generally believed of as the most popular subject Jesus taught about.

The popular statistic provided to show how a lot Jesus emphasized funds is that 11 of the 39 parables speak about funds. To add emphasis in some cases it is pointed out that 1 out of each and every 7 verses in there talks about funds. These are each accurate. BUT these stats do not inform the entire story.

Jesus did speak a lot about funds, there’s no debating that. Having said that several, particularly pastors, have overemphasized Jesus’ teaching on funds. Oftentimes Jesus is just working with funds as an illustration to a larger point. As a result he’s not actually teaching about funds he’s working with it as an illustration to a larger point.

Eleven of Jesus’ parables do mention funds. Eighteen of Jesus’ parables also mention meals, but that does not make it the point of the stories. What I’m finding at is funds is not the focal point to several of these 11 parables. And in a quest to prove a point, several have thrown out a statistic to back a point devoid of performing a lot study. As a result we have this thought in our heads that Jesus was constantly speaking about funds. But in reality he wasn’t.

Did Jesus speak about funds? Yes. Does he care how we use our funds? Yes. Is it the most talked about/taught situation? Not even close.

Based on how you want to count it, don’t forget you can make statistics say just about something. This is the most popular subject in Jesus’ teaching. In reality you could make a sturdy argument for this becoming his key message that every little thing else was centered about.

It shouldn’t surprise us that Jesus, who came from God, taught mainly about God. But he didn’t just speak about God he taught about His kingdom. Oftentimes he contrasted earthly rulers and kingdoms with God and his kingdom. Jesus emphasized that his kingdom was various. It played by a various set of guidelines. He showed how God stood in starch contrast to the other gods.

In order to show the kingdom in a various light, Jesus in some cases makes use of funds as an instance, or illustration. Which is what causes several to assume he’s speaking about funds. But he’s not. We have to appear at the surrounding context to decide what Jesus is really pointing to.

When it is clear that the concentrate of several of Jesus’ messages have been about God/Kingdom, these teachings would have been pointless to us if there weren’t a way for us to get there. If I could sum up Jesus’ message it would be the Kingdom of God is at hand, AND I’ve produced a way for you to enter. That is the Gospel message. That all who think can be a portion of the Kingdom.

It would be difficult to untie these two items and discern which is the far more prevalent message. Several theologians have attempted to discern what the most popular theme in Jesus’ teachings was, and it frequently comes down to Kingdom or Salvation. Personally I do not have a want to label a single as the most popular teaching. I believe we really should just acknowledge they are each focal points of Jesus’ messages.

I believed I’d include things like a single far more subject that Jesus on a regular basis talked about. He didn’t mention it as a lot as the earlier ones, but he absolutely did invest a lot of time speaking about it. My guess is when you believe about Jesus you most likely do not begin considering about the items he stated about hell. But he didn’t shy away from this challenging subject. Several of his teachings and parables talked about hell.

Having said that Jesus does not inform us what hell is and who goes there. Rather he speaks in parables and illustrations. It is not a clear image, mainly because that was by no means his point. A key issue arises when men and women attempt to pull absolutes out of these stories. Jesus is not attempting to communicate as a textbook tells us information. He is painting a image that makes use of some artistic liberties.

When this absolutely is not the most popular subject it is a single that surprises several men and women. If you want to study far more about what Jesus stated about hell you can verify out this report I wrote: What Jesus Stated About Hell

In addition to pointing out a handful of of Jesus’ most popular subjects that he taught about, the point I’m attempting to make is how effortless it is to study into the Bible what we want to see. I can not inform you how several occasions I’ve heard that Jesus taught about funds far more than any other subject. The issue is, that is not accurate. At least not in the way it is frequently portrayed. And this is just a single instance of several of how we misuse Scripture. We really should use the context of the Bible to shows us the point of the message and not just a singular verse. 


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