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“Worldview-Forming Worship”

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Broadly speaking, theology is how we intentionally answer the concerns James Sire supplied (see final week’s post) that kind the assumptions at the core of our worldview. What we think about the nature of reality, the goal and which means of life, the basis of suitable and incorrect, and most importantly God kind our theology. Theology and worldview are, as a result, really closely related—they each involve answers to the identical sorts of concerns, and they each fundamentally influence the way we reside. The distinction I am drawing amongst them is that the assumptions that kind worldview are fundamentally subconscious and unstated, although the beliefs that kind theology are consciously affirmed. Theology is fundamentally propositional, although worldview is affective. Theology is ordinarily extra deliberately created than worldview, frequently explicitly taught and primarily based on sacred documents. For Israel and Christianity, of course, theology is primarily based on the divine revelation located in Scripture.

Worldview and theology interact dynamically. On the one particular hand, our basic assumptions about the nature of reality impact the sort of theology we are prepared to accept from time to time the worldview a particular person has inculcated early in life will make accepting specific theological propositions extra challenging unless he is prepared to adjust his worldview. On the other hand, as we consciously create a theology, that theology can commence to reform our worldview, in particular if we are conscious of conflict amongst our worldview and theology. This lies at the root of Jesus’s command, “Let not your hearts be troubled. Think in God think also in me” (Jn 15:1) he was commanding his disciples to alter the orientation of the hearts by means of a alter in belief.

Like worldview, our theology fundamentally impacts how we reside. As A. W. Tozer famously stated, “What comes into our minds when we believe about God is the most vital factor about us.” On the other hand, if a conflict does exist amongst our worldview and our theology, and we are unaware of that conflict, at the finish of the day our worldview is extra basic. In other words, we may well consciously say we think specific factors, but if we have not worked to alter the orientation of our hearts to reflect our stated beliefs, our heart’s orientation is what will eventually identify how we reside.

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