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If you have been to make a list of major subjects discussed by Jesus and the New Testament writers, the topic of deeds or functions would have to be on that list. They all spoke about it, and no a single extra than Jesus.

Jesus rebuked the Pharisees for not carrying out the functions of Abraham (John eight:39-40), and stated we would be judged for what we have completed (John five:28-29).

This frightens some folks. They feel we have to get busy for the Lord and that he will judge us on our functionality. “Am I carrying out sufficient? Will I make the grade?”

Other folks are confused. “I believed Jesus wanted to give me rest (Matt. 11:28). Why did he say “No a single who puts his hand to the plow and appears back is match for service in the kingdom of God (Luke 9:62)? What does he want from me – rest or really hard perform?

All confusion and dead functions would finish if we only understood the Biblical which means of perform, which is this:

Do not perform for meals that spoils, but for meals that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you… The perform of God is this: to think in the a single he has sent. (John six:27, 29)

All the things we do is meant to be grounded on what Christ has completed for us. What is a superior perform? It is something that blooms from the seed of Christ’s perform.

In the modern day church we see hundreds of sorts of perform, but not all of them are superior. Some are dead functions that reflect unbelief in the completed perform of the cross. “I have to save and sanctify myself. I have to prove my salvation via really hard perform.” These functions put on us out and do not outcome in praise to the Father (see Matt. five:16).

What about the Revelation letters?

In 5 of his letters to the Revelation churches, Jesus famously stated, “I know your deeds.” But there was a single letter exactly where the topic received certain focus. In his letter to Thyatira, Jesus commended the saints for their deeds prior to briefly discussing the deeds of Jezebel the false prophet and seducer. Her deeds (which means dead functions and sin), will reap destructive consequences, he stated. In contrast, their deeds (which means the faith functions of the saints), will be rewarded. Lastly, at the close of his letter, Jesus encouraged the saints to maintain his deeds to the finish.

He who overcomes, and he who keeps my deeds till the finish, to him I will give authority more than the nations. (Rev. two:26)

As we have observed elsewhere, an overcomer is an individual who believes in Jesus. It is an individual who sees themselves as God sees them – dearly loved and empowered with Christ-purchased authority.

But what does it imply to maintain his deeds?

To maintain his deeds is to trust Jesus and maintain trusting in his perform rather than your personal. Maintaining his deeds is analogous to maintaining his word and holding rapidly to his name (Rev. two:13, 25, three:11). It is the Revelation equivalent of continuing in the grace of God (Acts 13:43) or continuing in the faith (Col. 1:23). The which means is the identical in every single case: To continue in the grace of God is to continue in Jesus. It is refusing to be suckered into sin or seduced into self-trust. It is becoming grounded and settled in Christ and remaining unmoved from the hope of the gospel.

What if I do not maintain his deeds to the finish?

Begin striving in the flesh like a Galatian and you will drop your liberty. Fall from grace like an Ephesian and you will drop sight of your Father’s enjoy. Fool about with sin like a Thyatiran and you could endure the self-inflicted consequences of sin. But you will not drop your salvation. There are undesirable consequences to straying, but you will in no way trigger your Father to unchild you.

But here’s the point, you will not be tempted to do any of these points if you maintain his deeds.

Do you see? We do not have to have a six week series on the distinction amongst superior deeds and undesirable deeds, for the message is basic: Retain your eyes fixed on Jesus and you will not be seduced by the siren song of Self. Honor his completed perform and you will not fall for the counterfeit lure of lesser functions.

3 sorts of deeds

In his letter to Thyatira, Jesus mentions his deeds (the completed perform of the cross), your deeds (the functions of the saints), and her deeds (Jezebel’s wicked strategies). 3 sorts of deeds. If our deeds are disconnected from his deeds, then her deeds may possibly tempt us. But if our deeds are maintaining his deeds, then her deeds will in no way distract us.

“But Paul, what need to I do?”

Nicely that is not truly the topic of this post – we’re speaking about his deeds, not ours, and a single need to stick to the other. But considering the fact that this query weighed heavily on me when I was a young man, I will share what I have discovered. Initially, obtain out who you are in God’s eyes. What does your heavenly Father feel of you? What dreams has he placed inside you? What has he written into your members? Then getting established what your Father thinks of you and getting produced your house in his limitless enjoy, do what comes naturally. What we do normally follows who we are. Let God define the latter, and you will figure out the former.


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