What Do You Think? Portion 1


What do you think? Are you positive what you hear or study is
accurate nowadays?

Exactly where do you get your news? How considerably of it do you think?

Are the issues you see on the world-wide-web accurate? How quite a few instances
do we hear a person say, “I just study on Facebook exactly where a person did so-and-so.”
Is it accurate?

How about when it comes to your faith? What do you think?
Why do you think it?


The second step in the program of salvation is Belief believing
that the Word of God is accurate that Jesus is the Son of God. With the mistrust
in our culture, your potential to create the trust of the particular person you are
introducing to Christ is critical.

I have to confess to you that this was a hard subject for me. In
case you haven’t noticed, I’m a man. For guys, our principal objective when
presented with a difficulty is to repair it. Guys, I consider you can relate to this.
When your wife comes to you with a difficulty, she explains it in depth, and if
you are clever, you listen cautiously. When she’s completed speaking, you inform her what she
desires to do to repair it. That wasn’t necessarily what she wanted. She just wanted
to speak it out. It is her way of considering issues by means of. In reality, there’s a
very good opportunity that she will not even use your recommendation.

You Can not Repair Unbelief

That stated, receiving a person to think the message of the
gospel is anything that I can not repair. I can not make a person think. That is
anything they have to do. I can encourage them to do it, and give them motives
to do it, but I can not do it for them.

And although you can not think for a person else, you are not out
of the image. They will have inquiries and will appear to you for answers. This
can be scary for us. but it does not have to be. No one particular has all the answers.
Your mission is to enable them locate the answers. By means of study with them, they
create an understanding of who Jesus is, and hopefully to belief. You continue
to model the life of a Christian. You pray for them. Continually.


Prior to you can trust anything, you have to know no matter if or
not it is accurate. In today’s culture, quite a few think that truth is relevant. It
depends on conditions, situations, and a person’s perception. What you may possibly
hold as accurate, a person else will say is not accurate. If you are a skeptic, you want
it to be confirmed. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with that, specifically when it comes to
believing what is in the Bible.

How quite a few instances do we see issues taken out of context when it
comes to Scripture? False teachers do it to market their teachings. Initial
Thessalonians five:21 and 22 tells us to “Test every little thing. Hold on to what is
very good. Stay clear of each and every type of evil.” If you do not have that underlined or
highlighted in your Bible, do so.

Believing the Unbelievable

Let’s face it, we are taking one particular of the most unbelievable
stories in the history of the globe and telling other folks that we think it with
all our heart. A youngster was born to a virgin and was the Son of God. That youngster
grew to be a terrific teacher and was crucified on a cross for our sins. Then on
the third day, He arose from the grave and lives nowadays, even although that
occurred about two,000 years ago. How can that possibly be accurate?

It is accurate for the reason that it is of God. There is no other way for it
to have occurred. If a particular person does not think in God, then we have a lot to
speak to them about. When you spent time building your connection with them,
telling them your story, and displaying them what a life with Jesus is like, you
lay the groundwork for them. It is now up to them. You can not make think that
Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God. They have to do this. It is in between them
and God. What you can and have to do is pray for them.

Be Ready

Throughout my freshman year in college, I became active with
Campus Crusade for Christ, nowadays recognized as Cru. If you do not know, it is a
interdenominational organization began by the late Bill Vibrant in 1951. By
becoming interdenominational, there have been other folks from just about each and every
denominational church present. That produced for some extremely fascinating
conversations, and likely pushed me to develop far more in my faith and
understanding of the Bible like I had in no way knowledgeable.

3 other guys and I started a Bible study. Incorporated in the group was a guy who was Catholic, a further who was Methodist, and a further who was from the Lutheran Church. Inside the very first month, we started to notice the apparent variations in what our thoughts have been with regards to scripture. With that, we started to query each and every other on crucial doctrinal challenges. We would take a specific statement with regards to church doctrine and investigation what the Bible genuinely stated about it.

By means of this study, I became far more convinced than ever that what I had been taught to think is accurate and sound. This essential a lot of study and investigation. Maintain in thoughts that in 1973 there was no such point as Google, nor the world-wide-web. I talked to men and women, I study commentaries, looked up each and every scriptural reference to words by means of the use of a concordance, and took my very first stab at searching at the original Greek words in the text and what they meant.

What I discovered was that the Sunday College teachers and ministers I had recognized by means of life had offered me a rock-strong foundation. What I believed I was capable to back up with Scripture.

You have to be capable to prove that what we think is accurate beyond
a shadow of a doubt if you are to have an helpful discipleship ministry.


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