Well-known in heaven or on earth – Living the life God intended


Hi how is your week going? I want to start out with an additional query. Do you want to be well-known or nicely recognized? Some of us do. We appear at the magazines, watch our favourite shows on Television or even appear at some of the preachers and teachers on Television or YouTube and we want to be like them – nicely recognized. But what does well-known imply and ought to it be anything we strive for to bring much more individuals to Jesus.

Initial, let’s appear at the definition of well-known. Well-known in the Oxford dictionary implies recognized about by quite a few individuals or great. Okay now we have the definition, let’s appear at the life of Jesus. Jesus was, by referring to the definition above, well-known. He was sought out by individuals wherever He went. But when it came to advertising Himself, that wasn’t what He did.

A single of the scriptures that truly stood out for me on this was in Luke 9: 7 to 9. In these couple of verses, we study that Herod had beheaded John but he heard about Jesus and all that He was undertaking. In verse 9, it states that Herod kept attempting to see Jesus. If the president, prime minister or King of your nation wanted to see you, what would you do? If you are like me and most of us, we would attempt and make an appointment to see him. But not Jesus. He just kept undertaking what God told Him to do and saying what God told Him to say. He wasn’t interested in becoming well-known, He was interested in the strategy and goal that God had for Him.

So, if Jesus wasn’t interested in becoming well-known on earth, then we shouldn’t be either. So exactly where ought to we be well-known. In heaven. A couple of pages more than from our scripture ahead of in Luke 11:20, the disciples had come back from becoming sent out to the towns and villages about to preach the gospel. They had been amazed that the demons had been topic to them. But Jesus stated in verse 20, “don’t rejoice mainly because evil spirits obey you, rejoice mainly because your names are registered in heaven”.

Jesus was saying it is far better to be well-known in heaven than down right here on earth. Even although demons obey you, do not get excited about that. Get excited mainly because your names are registered in heaven. You are recognized in heaven. Does not that make you want to shout. I’m recognized in heaven. God not only made me but He knows me. He loves me and sent His Son to die for me. That tends to make me glad.

So this week, do not get upset that you are not nicely recognized on earth but keep in mind and rejoice that you are recognized in heaven. If you do not know irrespective of whether you are recognized in heaven, pray the prayer below “Want to know Jesus” and you can be. Let me know if you prayed that prayer.

Have a blessed week and maintain living the life God intended for you.


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