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Frequently instances we as humans depict our goal on Earth primarily based on the present roles we hold in our lives. No matter whether that be a mother, teacher, girlfriend, wife, and so on., we have a tendency to think that is our only goal on this earth. Assume of technologies, for instance. When man produced a coffee machine, his intended goal was to solely make coffee. When man produced a tv, his intended goal was getting the alternative of watching This Is Us or perhaps some American Football. Regardless, technologies was produced for a goal and this goal only. So now the query is, why did God make people today? Seeking at Isaiah 43:21 “the people today whom I formed for myself that they declare my praise”, He is saying that we had been produced to give Him glory. God developed us in his image. Are we best? No. Do we sin and disobey what he asks of us? Yes. But some thing to preserve in thoughts in all this mess is that He nonetheless continues to enjoy us. What if our coffee machines began pouring out orange juice and our TV’s played with blank screens? We would most likely just throw them out considering the fact that they are not living up to their sole goal, correct? Nicely, as an alternative of God throwing us out when we sin or do not glorify Him, He proceeds to enjoy us. At times as an alternative of living a life that praises God, we sin against His word which drives us away from the Creator. When we fall quick, God reels us back in to glorify Him. Frequently instances the issues we worry most, God urges us to pursue. When we continue to say “no” we are pushing Him away. At times God begs and pleads us to share his word, and we say “no God, I do not want that”. This is not what He intended for us. So listen to what He asks you, for that is our accurate goal.


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