Waiting with the stuff – Living the life God intended


Hi how are you all this week? In Australia and in my state Queensland more than the final couple of weeks, there has been a big flood occasion. I received an e-mail at perform asking for volunteers to go to the region to support the flood victims with what ever they need to have. What would take place if everybody in my perform spot decided to go? It would imply that our enterprise would shut down and that wouldn’t be great for any individual. From time to time people today have to keep with the stuff as an alternative of going to exactly where the need to have is.

This reminds me of a story in the Bible of a circumstance exactly where this occurred. It is located in 1 Samuel 30. David and his males had decided to go with the Philistines to fight against the Israelites, but the Philistines didn’t trust them so they went residence. But when they got residence, they located that their town had been burned and their wives and young children taken hostage.

David sought God and God told him to pursue them and that he would overtake them and recover all. They came to a brook and 200 males out of 600 have been so weary that they couldn’t go any additional. So they stayed there with the stuff while the other individuals went on.

Immediately after David and his males had recovered anything from the Amalekites, they returned to the brook exactly where the other individuals have been waiting for them. Some of the males who had gone on with David have been upset since these males have been going to obtain their share of the spoil. Listen to what David mentioned in verse 24. He mentioned “But as his component is who goes down to the battle,so shall his component be who stays by the supplies they shall share alike.”

In other words, the people today that keep and maintain the enterprise operating will obtain the identical reward as these that go. Why is that? Effectively for 1, the enterprise would fold. Two, we are not all named to go but some are named to keep and finance the operation. Third, our gifts and talents could possibly lean towards us staying and if we go, we could get in the road. Fourth, we need to have to seek God and see which group He desires us to be in. From time to time He will get in touch with us to keep and occasionally He will get in touch with us to go. But no matter exactly where we are, we have to be in the will of God and not just operating to meet a need to have.

This week, seek God and see what He would have you do. Does He want you to keep place this year or does His program contain a season of going. Try to remember, in God, each positions will obtain the identical reward. Although we are staying place, keep in mind to pray for these who are going and finance them, exactly where God leads.

Have an incredible week and maintain living the life God intended for you.


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