Unconventional Relationships-Beyond the idea of Nuptial Bond


Aliya and Tarun met each and every other at a conference. They each identified magnetic attraction towards each and every other.  But, each of them did not think in the institution of marriage. Not since they did not worth tradition but since in their busy schedule they hardly had time for private commitments. According to them, marriage demands lot of sacrifices and they have been not prepared to do any. They decided to move into reside in connection set up. Exactly where they have been committed to each and every other but have been cost-free from any legal or contractual boundations.  

“Most of the urban youth place their careers and experienced development ahead of every little thing else, normally neglecting private relationships and family members, as properly as their personal wellness and wellbeing”

With altering instances idea of connection is also altering. It is not just about vows and commitment. Today’s Indian youth is receiving outcome oriented. They have higher dreams and they do not have to have any hindrance in their dreams. With an raise in the quantity of divorces and lack of interest in the institution of marriage today’s youth is hunting for simple way out. This, in turn, has provided rise to several types of unconventional relationships. A survey performed by Hindustan instances and MaRS shows that amongst the youth who have been polled 51.six% Indian guys and 44.two% Indian females feel that their existing connection will not be lengthy-lasting.

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Kinds of Unconventional Relationships

Open Marriage

Sheetal and Rohit are happily married for final five years. The only distinction they have in their married life is that as opposed to standard marriage they opted for the idea of open marriage. Open marriage is a idea in which partners mutually agree on possessing sexual relationships with other individual and it will not be regarded as as infidelity. It is a different name for swinging. According to Rohit and Sheetal, they are pretty pleased in this open connection. With the altering time, people’s mindset has also changed drastically. Sex with the exact same companion becomes a routine and this idea assists us to come out of the routine. That does not imply that we do not adore each and every other. The rule to the good results of an open marriage is that we will not have an emotional attachment with any of your sex companion other than your spouse- says Rohit.  

Even though it may perhaps sound intriguing it is not everybody’s cup of tea. You have to have to be emotionally sturdy to get in this variety of connection. There should really be no location for jealousy and getting accurate to your companion is the most crucial aspect of this connection. Worry of transmission of STD illness is also the big drawback of open marriage idea. Apart from this worry of receiving emotionally attached to your sexual companion and affecting your marriage is a different danger involved in open relationships.


Polygamy is essentially a connection exactly where you can have two or additional spouse. When a man is married to a number of females it is termed as “Polygyny” whereas a lady is married to a number of guys it is known as “polyandry”. Nicely, India is not new to polygamy connection. It has roots in our deep history. In Mahabharat Draupadi had five husbands and was referred as “Panchali”. Most of the kings in ancient time had additional than one particular wives. Even though now the law does not permit additional than one particular spouse. Polygamy is nonetheless practiced in India beneath the covers.

According to a survey performed 15.two % of Adivasi population and 10 % of the urban population nonetheless follows polygamy in India. 

It is important that the partners involved in a number of marriages are conscious of each and every other and as opposed to an open connection, a individual can’t have a sexual connection with anyone else other than his/her a number of spouses. There should really be no location for jealousy for your partner’s companion in this sort of arrangement.

Reside In Partnership

According to a survey performed by India now, there is a subsequent rise in a quantity of youths in India who does not think in the institution of marriage. They think about that they have appropriate to reside the life there way and marriage no doubt asks for sacrifice. In the idea of Reside in connection two men and women without having receiving married reside collectively as a couple. The idea is a boon for couples who feel they have to have to know each and every other superior prior to saying “I DO”. If they really feel they are not compatible adequate they can mutually depart without having any legal complications.

According to Aastha and Sameer who have been in reside in connection with each and every other from final one particular year “We adore each and every other and want to get married but as of now we want to know each and every other effectively. We want to know the compatibility we have with each and every other. So we moved in a reside-in setup. We are pleased that we will know each and every other completely prior to receiving into the institution of marriage and it is far superior than receiving married early and then facing connection and compatibility problems.”

Even though life in a connection has been provided a valid status in India there are nonetheless couple of drawbacks linked with it the most significant one particular is that it is not permanent. You may perhaps discover emotionally attached to your companion but he or she may perhaps not and they can simply move out of it. It lacks the depth in a connection which a marriage brings in.   

Pals with rewards

One particular of my good friends Sameena (name changed for privacy causes) is practicing polyamory connection from her teenage. In this sort of connection set up, men and women have a connection may perhaps be sexual or emotional with additional than one particular individual. It is not important to give it a name of connection or go into any type of marriage or contract. Men and women who are polyamorous can incorporate combinations of men and women of diverse sexual orientations. According to Shikha humans have fundamental tendency to get bored with just one particular sort of point so what is incorrect with switching on. She says “I have a connection with four guys and I am pleased with it. Each and every one particular satisfies my diverse have to have. “

In polyamory probabilities of receiving made use of are additional. You do not have any legal contract to save you. If you are married and are in polyamory connection outdoors your marriage your spouse may perhaps also really feel cheated.

What about the young children?

This query comes very first in thoughts when we feel about these unconventional relationships is what if little ones are also involved. Nicely, the answer to this is there will be no physical difficulty in a kid if parents are involved in any sort of connection but there can be emotional problems if the kid is not guided appropriate about the relationships. One particular of our clientele is in open marriage but it does not impact their adore for their young children. They have a pleased family members and they will inform the little ones every little thing when they come off appropriate age and they are confident their little ones will fully grasp it.

Disadvantages of Unconventional Relationships

Almost everything that appears glittery is not gold. In the exact same way, these unconventional relationships may perhaps appear attractive but have numerous disadvantages linked with it.  

  • The nuptial bond brings stability in one’s life but unconventional relationships do not. It is additional on the quick meals idea.
  • Lack of belongingness is missing. It is debatable if unconventional relationships are in fact a genuine point since it is additional hard to create sturdy connection bonds. There is by no means a genuine assure that your companion is officially yours at the finish of the day.
  • No matter how considerably you remind oneself that you are in an unconventional connection, if you genuinely care for an individual jealousy is bound to creep in at some point. But, you will not be capable to act on it.
  • Worry of STI is pretty higher. Possessing sex with a number of partners creates a internet of men and women that are sexually linked collectively. That increases your probabilities of contracting sexually transmitted infections.
  • The kid born out of the unconventional connection is void of all legal bindings. They even have no legal grounds to claim the inheritance.
  • Ladies in an unconventional connection have a tendency to endure additional.   In our society, exactly where patriarchal norms rule in the social diktats, females are the ones who bear the worst burns of stepping out of conventions.

Each and every variety of connection comes with its personal pros and cons prior to getting into into any just appear into all elements of it. Qualified counseling can also support you take the appropriate choice.

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