Triangulating on Jesus, by Ben Jeapes


“So, how are they undertaking Jesus this time?” my father asked. And when I coyly dodged the query, started to press with recommendations that got extra and extra outfield: a lady? A lightbeam? A hologram? No, none of these …

The occasion was the third Abingdon Passion Play, which has come to be a 3-yearly occasion. In 2013 we crucified an 18 year old Jesus in sub zero temperatures: he went on to study at RADA and hasn’t been out of function because. (If you blinked, you would have missed him in the initial episode of the most current Endeavour series.) In 2016 we crucified an appropriately 33 year old Jesus in the town marketplace. And in 2019 … he didn’t seem at all.

Or, offered that I estimated the audience to be about 1000 powerful, you could say that he appeared in about 1000 distinctive techniques.

With two semi-historical, semi-realistic productions below their belt, this year the producers went for a thing distinctive. The appear was modern day, with modern costumes, and whilst there had been crowd scenes with volunteer actors from the neighborhood, the bulk of the show was carried by 3 specialist actors playing Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter and Marcus, the centurion. Among them, they narrated and re-enacted the events of the Passion from their personal points of view. The most inventive licence was afforded the centurion, who sees him for the initial time on the entry into Jerusalem: Jesus offers him a friendly smile as he heads for the Temple, and Marcus finds himself liking this man as he ultimately senses somebody of moral strength and integrity in Jerusalem. That liking only increases as he compares the inner authority of Jesus to the moral weakness and venality of Pilate and the priests: later, of course, he has to oversee the crucifixion.

The outcome of the 3 viewpoints was to develop correctly an invisible Jesus – a Jesus-shaped hole on stage that our imaginations filled in.

It is not the initial production to omit the central character, of course. The point of Waiting for Godot is that Godot never ever seems and it is all about the ones undertaking the waiting. The eponymous Lieutenant Kije is a fictitious character whose assumed existence is just also helpful to his fellow officers – till it turns out the Tsar desires to meet this terrific soldier, whereupon he has to die conveniently. But this was the initial time I’ve noticed it carried out with a character that absolutely everyone knows to be genuine and who you are meant to be picturing on stage. But it occurred to me that if you are obtaining difficulty with a scene or a character or an occasion in a narrative – say, it just is not operating, or it comes out flat and unconvincing, or it is really also a great deal to describe primarily based on your personal practical experience – possibly the answer is not to attempt at all? Just have characters who have knowledgeable it, and give their personal perspectives.

I need to add that my father, who does not typically Do modern day productions, enjoyed it hugely.

Ben Jeapes took up writing in the mistaken belief that it would be much easier than a genuine job (it is not). Therefore, as nicely as becoming the author of five novels and co-author of lots of extra, he has also been a journal editor, book publisher, and technical writer.


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