Transforming Our Trials Into Tools


An image of the inside of a bright blue geode, the colors layered.

Author and journalist Thomas Friedman has a stock answer when any individual asks him to name his favourite nation. Taiwan, he says. But why?


“Because Taiwan is a barren rock in a typhoon-laden sea with no all-natural sources to reside off of—it even has to import sand and gravel from China for construction—yet it has the fourth-biggest monetary reserves in the globe.”1


Friedman’s point is that with couple of all-natural sources to rely on, the Taiwanese have been forced to invest in the 1 renewable resource they do have—their people today. They have invested their capital in building a culture and educational program that enables them to succeed.

To bolster the notion that a nation’s monetary achievement develops in indirect proportion to its provide of all-natural sources, Friedman cites a current study indicating a damaging correlation amongst a country’s capability to extract wealth from all-natural sources and the achievement scores of its higher college students.

The man who oversaw the standardized exams provided students whose scores had been examined in the study Friedman cites, created this intriguing remark:


“As the Bible notes, Moses arduously led the Jews for 40 years via the desert—just to bring them to the only nation in the Middle East that had no oil. But Moses may well have gotten it suitable, just after all. These days, Israel has 1 of the most revolutionary economies, and its population enjoys a regular of living most of the oil-wealthy nations in the area are not in a position to present.”2


What does any of this have to do with God’s creativity, his capability to bring some thing out of nothing at all? You could consider of it like this. Although God has limitless sources with which to bless his people today, his aim is not to make our lives straightforward but to make our lives superior. Snapping his fingers and solving all our issues would make belonging to him really feel like winning the lottery. But life with God hardly ever feels like that.

Rather of handing us 1 straightforward win just after yet another, he builds virtue inside us by applying our situations to make us stronger. That is why Paul could encourage the Romans, saying, “We can rejoice, also, when we run into issues and trials, for we know that they enable us create endurance. And endurance develops strength of character, and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation” (Romans five:three-four).

God does his most inventive operate inside the hearts of these who belong to him, transforming our troubles into tools he can use for our development.

What issues are you facing suitable now? Ask the God who created you to use his inventive energy to advance his operate inside you. Trust him and he will do it.

1. Thomas L. Friedman, “Pass the Books, Hold the Oil.” The New York Instances, March 10, 2012, SR1.

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