Time to turn about – Living the life God intended


Hi! How was your week? Mine was great but also tough in some respects and I saw some answers to prayer, which was excellent. This week, I want to appear at the value of turning about. Not turning about in the all-natural, but turning about in the spiritual. There are some instances in our life exactly where we need to have to turn about.

1 of these instances is when we have sinned, or fallen brief of God’s mark. When we repent, what we are essentially undertaking is turning about – turning from that sin and walking the other way – away from it.

An additional time exactly where we turn about and what I want to concentrate on, is when God calls us to do a thing. Typically that requires a turning about in the spirit. We are walking a single way, then God captures our interest and we start out going in a distinct path. Let’s appear at a story in the Bible to see what I imply.

The story is discovered in Exodus three:four. It is the story of Moses and the burning bush. Moses was tending his father in law’s sheep, which he had completed for about forty years (due to the fact he ran away from Egypt). 1 day, a thing caught his eye. It was a bush that was burning. Now it wasn’t the burning bush that seriously caught his eye but the truth that even though the bush was burning it was not becoming burnt up. So Moses turned to take a closer appear. My query is, what would have occurred if Moses hadn’t turned but had just kept going with the sheep. Would he have missed the get in touch with of God in his life? We will never ever know, mainly because Moses turned.

From that burning bush, God spoke to Moses and gave him the directions for his life – what he was supposed to do, what the subsequent handful of years would appear like and no matter what occurred God was with him. It set Moses up for the miracles in Egypt and the greatest exodus of men and women from Egypt to the promised land.

So has God been placing a burning bush in front of you. Perhaps it is time we turned about and listened to what God has to say. We might not have to give up as a lot as Moses – he gave up his present life-style, his profession and his household. But he didn’t give up his loved ones – they went as well. God might be requiring us to give up a thing to fulfil the get in touch with He has for your life and for mine.

God has an remarkable strategy for every single of our lives and God is waiting for us to turn about and say yes. But He will not speak till we have moved and turned about towards Him.

This week seek God and see what He is saying to you. Perhaps you have currently turned about, have listened and are in the get in touch with of God. That is excellent! If you haven’t pray and wait for God and His confirmation for you.

Have an remarkable week and hold,living the life God intended for you. Bless you heaps!



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