This girl (18F) at college asked me (18M) on a date and it went nicely, but her english is not the greatest and I cant realize what she says at times. : relationships


I met this girl earlier this year in February. She just moved from Italy and from my understanding grew up in a smaller village. The principal asked me to show her about when she brought her to class. We’re in our final year of higher college. I talked to her every single now and then. There is a bit of a communication situation at occasions when I am not confident what she’s attempting to say. Once more I assume it really is for the reason that she grew up in a village that she under no circumstances genuinely discovered English till a year ago.

Final friday she came up to me with her cousin who speaks English. He was at this college extended ahead of she got right here. She asked me out on a date and had her cousin there in case I got confused as to what she was saying. I mentioned yes for the reason that she is quite appealing. I appreciate her firm when she’s about.

I did not assume of it and my pals are fucking useless. They cannot hold a really serious conversation specifically when it comes to females. It really is sex jokes more than and more than once more. I attempted to speak to them and it just went no exactly where.

I am taking her to see Pet Cemetery and dinner tomorrow. It really is the second date. I took her out on Sunday and she mentioned he enjoyed herself.

I am just a bit worried about annoying her if I cannot realize what she’s attempting to say. I have no issue that she cannot speak the language, but I just do not want to annoy her.

TLDR: Going on second date with girl, but I struggle to realize her at times.


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