The Very best Book of the Bible for New Believers


You are a new Christian. Or a person that you know is a new Christian. You (or they) want to start out reading the Bible. Exactly where really should you start? In other words, what’s the very best book of the Bible for new believers?

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The word “best” right here is subjective. What I feel and what a person else thinks could be various and, in some sense, we each could be proper. Reading the Bible is improved than not reading the Bible. Any location would be wonderful, truly. But some locations in Scripture appear additional advantageous than other individuals for newcomers.

More than the years, I have discovered that lots of people today suggest the Gospel of John as the very best location to start out in Scripture. Not a terrible option by any indicates. I appreciate the Gospel of John. It is a lovely book. But in John’s Gospel, there are some hard sayings and fascinating imagery that can be confusing if not study in its appropriate context. Once more, John is wonderful, but I feel we would do effectively if we skip back two Gospels.

If you are a new Christian, the very best location to start out reading in the Bible is the Gospel of Mark.

Why the Gospel of Mark is the Very best Book of the Bible for New Believers

Right here are a handful of causes why I say so:

1. The Gospel of Mark offers you Jesus.

I know, I know. The entire Bible is about Jesus. Study from a redemptive-historical point of view, you can discover Jesus in the books of James and Jude and Jeremiah. He is the point of each web page. And however, the Gospels are just various.

They are various since they give you the words, actions, and deeds of Jesus up close and private. We see an intimate image of Jesus as we study a biographical sketch of his life, anything new believers really should immerse themselves in. In distinct, the Gospel of Mark focuses on the actions of Jesus (additional on this later), which rapidly aids a new believer recognize Jesus’ life and ministry.

two. The Gospel of Mark is the shortest Gospel.

You will ask, “If you suggest a Gospel for a new believer, couldn’t Matthew or Luke or John suffice?” The answer is — yes, of course, it will. But at 16 chapters, the book of Mark is the shortest of the Gospels, creating it significantly less intimidating than, say, Luke, which is 24 chapters lengthy. You can study Mark in significantly less than 90 minutes. It is a book that you can study in one particular sitting more than and more than once again.

three. The Gospel of Mark is Action-Packed.

The Gospel of Mark is jammed-packed with stories. It is choppy, with new scenes starting and ending rapidly. The word “immediately” seems 42 instances, displaying that Jesus wasn’t just standing about undertaking nothing at all. It is an thrilling book to study, one particular that will certainly retain and capture the consideration of a new believer.

In his book King’s Cross: The Story of the Planet in the Life of Jesus, Tim Keller captures this concept effectively when he writes: “Mark does not study like a dry history. It is written in the present tense, usually working with words like “immediately” to pack the account complete of action. You can not enable but notice the abruptness and breathless speed of the narrative. The Gospel conveys, then, anything critical about Jesus. He is not merely a historical figure, but a living reality, a particular person who addresses us these days.”

four. The Gospel of Mark is Relatively Straightforward to Fully grasp

Not that a new believer will not have any queries about Mark’s Gospel as he or she reads it. I nonetheless have queries when I study it, and I’ve study it numerous instances. But the Gospel of Mark, on the entire, is not that tough to get. There are no genealogies. There are not an abundant quantity of challenging sayings (while that entire issue about handling serpents and drinking poison is (Mark 16:18). The Gospel of Mark is a swift, relatively simple to recognize biographical sketch of Jesus’ life.

five. The Gospel of Mark is About Discipleship

The objective of Mark’s Gospel is discipleship. That is the most important point. As my ESV Study Bible tells me, “The ultimate objective and theme of Mark is to present and defend Jesus’ universal contact to discipleship.” Discipleship indicates walking with Jesus. It is a contact to appreciate and obey Jesus, to emulate his character, and to be ready to endure as he did. This is anything a new believer demands to grasp. This is why the Gospel of Mark is a wonderful start out.

I’m thankful that a new believer would ask this query. It is proof of God’s grace. I bear in mind when I 1st fell in appreciate with the Scriptures and how I longed to know the Word. I nonetheless do lengthy to know it additional than ever ahead of. But I didn’t get this way overnight. Everyone has to start out someplace and handful of locations of the Bible are improved for new believers than the Gospel according to Mark.

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