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One particular cool Saturday evening in September 2015, my mama hung the subsequent day’s church clothing on her closet door. She placed a cup of water on her nightstand subsequent to my novel and climbed into her plush bed. Sometime for the duration of the evening, though my mother slept, her soul went to be with Jesus.

I watched my young father die of a heart attack when I was eleven, and when my mother passed away, I abruptly felt like an orphan. I felt like a 34-year-old orphan. I was so utterly lost and alone and without the need of any roots. I didn’t know how in the globe I was anticipated to reside a lifetime without the need of my mother for the reason that she had been my rock, my buddy, my spiritual mentor, my almost everything.

I knew my mother was resting at our Savior’s feet, without the need of the cares of this globe, but I couldn’t even locate joy or peace in that gorgeous truth. I just so selfishly wanted her right here with me. I necessary her tips. I wanted to hear her laugh. I wanted to really feel her fingers operating via my hair. I wanted her by my side. I just wanted my mother.

As the months passed, I was nevertheless unable to get out of bed lots of days. I was unable to cook dinner for my household or attend my children’s ballgames. Not only was I devastated at the void in my life, but I was angry. Even though spending so significantly time in my bed sobbing and hiding from the globe, I mourned my father’s death all more than once more. I didn’t foresee my joy ever getting restored.

My mother was a excellent, godly lady and raised me on the promises discovered in the Word of God. I knew all the Scriptures about hope and restoration and how Jesus was close to to the brokenhearted, but nevertheless I was utterly broken.

Ultimately, worn and weary and heavy-laden, I could no longer bear the burden. I was exhausted physically, mentally and spiritually, and in a moment of sweet surrender, as tears fell from my eyes, I gave it all to the Lord. I told Him,

God, I can’t do this any longer. I can’t continue living in this dark pit of grief. I need to have You.”

When I lastly let go of the rope ‒ when I lastly surrendered the hurt, the ache, the void ‒ my Savior was so gracious to catch me. He came to me ideal exactly where I was and gave rest to my weary soul. He gave me peace that passes all understanding. He gave me light in the darkness. He restored my joy.

The Lord has revealed excellent objective in my discomfort. I’ve been in a position to show the comfort that He has shown me to other folks, just as we are instructed to do in two Corinthians 1:three-7. I’ve drawn closer to Him and relied on His sweet grace and mercy, and in turn, He’s referred to as me to do issues I by no means believed probable. He’s referred to as me to speak His promises of life and hope to these who are grieving.  He’s referred to as me to point the hurting and the broken to Him. He’s referred to as me to use my writing for His glory – and that is what “Can’t Make This Stuff Up: Obtaining the Upside to Life’s Downs” is all about.

Jesus was battered and beaten and bloodied. He was mocked and ridiculed, and then He hung on an old, rugged Cross to die for our sins. What outstanding discomfort and sorrow He went via! But the objective, the gorgeous objective, was revealed 3 days later when that tomb proved empty.

Like Jesus’ discomfort, our discomfort has excellent objective, as well.

I nevertheless miss my parents everyday. If Mama was nevertheless right here, even though, I wouldn’t be commissioned to point other folks to the Wonderful Comforter. I wouldn’t have seasoned His agape adore and been proved time once more that He really is close to to the brokenhearted. I wouldn’t understand how our Father really performs ALL issues collectively for great.

No matter the discomfort or sorrow we knowledge right here in our short-term house, if it points us to Jesus, it is worth it.

That is the upside to life’s downs.

Written for Faith.Complete by Susannah B. Lewis, author or Cannot Make This Stuff Up.

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Are you heavy-laden with grief right now? Have you lost an individual you adore and just can not move on? Let go of the rope. Jesus will be there to catch you… and He will restore your joy. Come share your thoughts on our weblog. We want to hear from you about the upside. ~ Laurie McClure, Faith.Complete


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