The Trinity prior to the Council of Nicea – Curious Christian


I believed I’d clarify why I affirm trinitarian doctrine even although I am no fan of Emperor Constantine, a man historically connected with the Nicene Creed (325AD). It is due to the fact, despite the fact that the Nicene Creed wasn’t formulated till then, the trinitarian pondering it articulated hardly appeared out of nowhere. Christian leaders had been expressing themselves in these terms lengthy prior to that. A prime instance is Tertullian (160-215AD), an African apologist and theologian, who place it this way:

“We define that there are two, the Father and the Son, and 3 with the Holy Spirit, and this quantity is created by the pattern of salvation . . . [which] brings about unity in trinity, interrelating the 3, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are 3, not in dignity, but in degree, not in substance but in type, not in energy but in type. They are of a single substance and energy, due to the fact there is a single God from whom these degrees, types and sorts devolve in the name of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”


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