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As of final week, I completed my third draft of Exactly where Shadows Lie. My critique companion study by way of the story as I edited it, so this also suggests that she reached the finish as nicely! (which was rather nerve-wracking, but that is to be anticipated)

I knew that after we completed our critique sessions I wanted to create a post about the entire procedure… but how-to/guidance posts are not seriously my point (in particular considering the fact that Rosalie and Alyssa not too long ago wrote amazingly valuable posts on this subject). So as an alternative this is just my expertise of obtaining my novel study by my critique companion, Emma. 

We met in particular person at the library weekly, which became a day I each dreaded and looked forward to, hehe. (yay for pals and writing! boo for becoming scared to have somebody essentially study your writing!) But right here are some of my thoughts about the entire procedure:

PRO #1: Immediate FEEDBACK

This can also be rather terrifying (in particular if the feedback is adverse), but mainly it is so valuable. As quickly as my critique companion completed the chapter I received her all thoughts: the great, the negative, the confusing components, and the components exactly where she fangirled more than characters and plot twists (mwahahah).

And if I am unsure about a particular plot point, I can ask her! I attempted to ask basic concerns so I did not narrow in on a compact moment in the story. Alternatively of asking, “was this scene also slow?” I attempted to ask, “how was the pacing in this chapter?” Then I am not accidentally ruling out probabilities for other probable feedback. If I nevertheless have to have clarity right after this query, then I can narrow in on that particular scene and ask about it is pacing.


In some cases when I am writing, I sit back in my chair (or flop on the ground and stare at the ceiling) and pretend that my novel is ideal. I dream of handing more than a chapter to my critique companion, only to have her say, “Wow! There is practically nothing but great points right here!”

Spoiler alert: that does not take place. Ever. There is generally a thing tiny to nitpick or readjust — I consider the most important target of editing is not to make your book ideal, but into a thing that you are happy with and proud of. Editing is a journey.



This is a single of my preferred components of the critique sessions I’ve had with my buddy. I’ve been functioning on this book considering the fact that October of 2016, and have not been in a position to speak about the plot twists and characters with any individual till now. It is SO FREEING. It is a tiny preview of what it will be like to have men and women reading the published version someday. 😀

Not to mention that it is so refreshing to study somebody else’s writing! It becomes tiring to continually evaluate my personal novel, and it is a enjoyable modify to go over motives and objectives of somebody else‘s characters. (ahem, although it is not enjoyable when they die. -.-)

CON #two: YOU May well FAINT

To these confused by this point, you have of course by no means had somebody study your function ahead of. Since watching them intake your valuable novel is pure torture. 

If you do really feel faint in the course of a critiquing session, right here are some guidelines on how to prevent it:

  • bring a paper bag to access if you commence hyperventilating
  • if you do faint, bring pillows so you can at least land on a thing soft
  • also bring a fan to preserve you cool when you commence sweating
  • or just bring a water bottle and dump it on your head if the nerves prove also a lot
    • since then you are not nervous about the story or fainting — just the truth that you are absolutely drenched
  • binge-consume comfort meals (like pizza!!)

PRO #three: MEETING WITH A Buddy

With functioning and Church activities and responsibilities and writing and just day-to-day life… it is challenging to uncover a spare chunk of time. It becomes ever tougher when you attempt to uncover a chunk of time that words for two men and women.

But somehow my critique companion and I have been in a position to uncover a couple of weekend afternoons and mornings to squish in our writing time, which was so necessary. Not only did we critique every single other’s novels to pieces, but afterwards we got to catch up on life. It is a two in 1 expertise. )


Ahead of this novel, I’ve seriously by no means watched any individual critique my function in particular person, and I did not prepare myself for how terrifying it was going to be. I am sitting there, across the table, watching her scroll by way of my document. — does she like it? is she yawning since she’s tired or since she’s bored with my story?! did her eyebrow twitch or was that an expression of intrigue and surprise?? —

See “con #two,” since this is exactly where the possibility of fainting may come to be a reality.

Of course I jest a tiny bit, but it seriously was scary. The great point is that my nerves lessened the much more we met for critique session. I became applied to the truth that I would obtain lots of comments, and discovered to be satisfied when she only pointed out a hundred errors as an alternative of two hundred (ha).

PRO #four: You will SEE THE Prospective IN YOUR STORY

me in the course of our initially critiquing session: please just like it please do not say something negative please be good please —

me in the course of our final critique session: GIVE ME ALLLLL THE CRITIQUES.

At initially every single critique she gave hurt a tiny bit. I saw the truth. I saw the sense in her comments, but I took every single correction as a adverse. Since critiques = a negative novel… suitable?

Not necessarily. Since with every single critique, there is a prospective for creating that weak aspect in your story a powerful a single. For instance, a single of her comments was that she had problems understanding my character’s target/goal in a particular chapter. It may take a couple of tries to repair that trouble, but then hopefully my character’s motivation will come across clearly, and the adverse critique (hopefully) becomes a strength in my story.

CON #four: NOW YOU Really HAVE TO GO EDIT THE Factors

You see all of these bullet points in the notebook above? These are all points I have to have to repair. Fortunately they are not all giant plot points — some are just tiny line errors. But nevertheless. And these are only from the initially eight chapters! I have six much more pages like these filled with corrections (or must I say “prospective strengths? :P).

I am going to have to have so a lot pizza and coffee to get by way of this subsequent draft.

But fortunately Camp NaNo is coming up! I will desperately have to have that added motivation to guide me by way of these edits. Yikes. xD

So, fundamentally: uncover your self a critique companion. Beside the danger of fainting, you seriously can not go incorrect. xD

AND GUESS WHAT? It is OFFICIAL. I HAVE TICKETS FOR INFINITY WARS. *screaming forever* April 26th right here I come. 😛

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