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It is a phrase you have almost certainly heard a thousand instances: let go and let God.

When you are in the midst of overwhelming, difficult circumstances…let go and let God.

When you are struggling with a specific sin…let go and let God.

When factors appear out of control…let go and let God.

It is a good sentiment, suitable? Sort of Zen-like. Release all your struggles. Let them melt away. Enable them to dissolve into the almighty energy of God.

Properly, sort of.

When I study scripture, I can clearly see that there are instances when it definitely is suitable to let go and let God deal with all the things. But I can also clearly see situations when I’m named to do specific factors.

So when is it suitable to let go and let God?

Do Let Go And Let God Manage ALL Your Worries

In Matthew six:34, Jesus says, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Adequate for the day is its personal difficulty.”

I am tempted to be concerned about all sorts of future events.

Will I be in a position to spend the bills?

Will my youngsters be saved?

Will my family members be healthier?

The reality is, I can handle really handful of of these factors. Sickness can fall upon me at a moment’s notice. My function as a freelance writer could dry up, leaving us financially strapped. I do not have the spiritual energy to save my youngsters only God can do that.

As my buddy Ricky Alcantar stated, “The universe is wildly out of your handle.”

It is why Jesus stated in Matthew six:27, “And which of you by getting anxious can add a single hour to his span of life?”

Worrying about the future does totally nothing at all for me. It does not adjust something, does not add a single minute to my life, does not resolve any complications. It is an totally horrendous waste of time.

When it comes to trusting God to take care of me, to supply for me, to deal with all of these overwhelming situations, there is a actual sense in which I’m named to let go and let God.

To be anxious for nothing at all.

To cast all my cares upon the Lord due to the fact he cares for me.

I can say to God, “Lord, I do not have the energy to handle or orchestrate my life. In light of this, I am letting go of the illusion of handle. I am providing up on attempting to figure all the things out and am rather trusting in God with all my heart.”

When it comes to worrying about life’s situations, I genuinely can let God and let God.

Do NOT Let Go and Let God When It Comes To Prayer

This may perhaps sound like a contradiction, but even in the midst of trials, challenges, and heart-rending situations, I’m nevertheless named to be active.

You could say that I’m simultaneously named to let go and let God when also actively engaging with God.

I consider this is why Paul says in Philippians four:six, “…do not be anxious about something, but in all the things by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be created recognized to God.”

How do I overcome anxiousness? How do I acquire peace from God?

By actively, persistently bringing my requests ahead of God. By taking hold of every single care that lays heavily upon me and casting it upon God. By carrying out the challenging function of praying about every single and each care that burdens my heart.

In this sense, I should NOT let go and let God. I should run challenging to God and wrestle in prayer and grapple with his promises. I should fight against my sinful tendency to be concerned and seek to place to death my sinful wish for handle.

So yes, when life is overwhelming, I can infinitely trust God. I can let go of my wish to handle my life and rather joyfully submit to what he has for me. At the very same time, I can labor and prayer and fight for holiness.

I like how Charles Spurgeon puts it:

You think in God for your soul. Think in him about your house. Think in God about your sick wife or your dying youngster. Think in God about your losses and undesirable debts and declining enterprise.

Do Let Go And Let God Make You Extra Like Jesus

Philippians 1:six says, “And I am confident of this, that he who started a superior function in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”

This is such an encouraging guarantee of God. God started a superior function in me and I can 100% trust him to full that superior function.

Yes, I struggle and stumble and flail and fail. Yes, there are sins that I nevertheless give in to.

But nothing at all can quit God’s strategy to make me far more and far more like Jesus Christ till that final day when he returns and finishes the job when and for all. Even when I am faithless, God is nevertheless faithful.

Jude 24 puts it this way, “Now to him who is in a position to maintain you from stumbling and to present you blameless ahead of the presence of his glory with good joy…”

I just like that verse. God himself is the 1 who will maintain me from stumbling and present me blameless in his presence. If it was in the end up to me to maintain myself from stumbling, I would have no self-assurance.

But if God is the 1 who will present me blameless, I can have all the self-assurance in the globe. He has promised and he will be faithful to do it.

Mainly because God is faithful, there is a actual sense exactly where I can let go and let God sanctify me. In other words, I can trust him to do what he promised. I can trust him to take me from 1 degree of glory to the subsequent, shaping me far more and far more into the image of Jesus. I can trust him to finish what he began in me.

Do NOT Cease Fighting For Holiness

Once again, this may perhaps sound like a contradiction, but scripture also calls me to function challenging when it comes to pursuing God.

I’m named to fight against my sin.

To place to death the flesh.

To fight against the temptations of Satan.

As it says in Philippians two:12, “Therefore, my beloved, as you have normally obeyed, so now, not only as in my presence but significantly far more in my absence, function out your personal salvation with worry and trembling…”

There are no days when it comes to fighting against sin. Satan prowls about like a roaring lion, hunting for an individual to devour. As John Owen famously stated, “Be killing sin or it will be killing you.”

Jesus spoke robust words when speaking about pursuing holiness. He stated that if our hand causes us to sin, we are to reduce it off. If our eye causes us to sin, we are to gouge it out. This is not passive language.

When it comes to pursuing holiness, we do not just let go and let God. We fight. We struggle. We run challenging soon after God. We pray and ask for his strength.

Embracing The Paradox

The phrase “let go and let God,” highlights a paradox in scripture. A single the 1 hand, we genuinely can trust God to supply for us and care for us and aid us develop in holiness. We can rest in these glorious truths. We can stake our really lives upon them.

God will be faithful to do what he has promised.

On the other hand, we’re also named to strive challenging soon after God. To fight against be concerned and selfishness and lust and pride. We’re named to place to death our sin. The Christian life is a battle.

Scripture in no way attempts to reconcile these two factors. It just tells us to be encouraged by the function God has promised to do when at the very same time to function challenging in our pursuit of God.

It is not an either/or. It is a each and.

Let go and let God. Pursue God with all your heart, soul, thoughts and strength. In no way attempt to separate them.


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