The Good Enjoy Of God


“Even outdoors the borders of Israel, the Lord is excellent (Malachi 1:five).
The Lord is not excellent for the reason that we contact Him excellent. We contact Him excellent
for the reason that He is excellent. When we worship God, we are not building His
greatness. We worship God for the reason that He is so considerably higher than we can place
into words or even picture. His greatness does not come from our
understanding of Him or our faith in Him. our understanding is restricted.
Our faith is weak. Our God is excellent. We will have to under no circumstances neglect this. It really is not
about our excellent faith or our excellent understanding. It really is about our excellent
God. He is excellent in holiness and energy. extra than that, He is excellent in
enjoy. We see the greatness of His enjoy in Christ, His Son, our Saviour.
We see His enjoy in the death of our Saviour – “Hallelujah! What a
Saviour!” “His Name will be excellent amongst the nations” (Malachi 1:11). To
say that God’s greatness extends beyond Israel is not an excuse for
complacency. We have a God-offered duty to proclaim His
greatness: “I am a excellent King” (Malachi 1:14). The Lord is King. He’s
the King of enjoy. Let us under no circumstances assume that the Lord can be compared to
earthly kings. He is far higher than any and each earthly king. He is
to be the King in our worship. He is to be the King in each element of our
life. When we say, “The Lord is King, we’re not just speaking words –
even words of faith. we’re pointing to the reality – “The Lord is King” –
and we’re committing ourselves to living in the light of this reality.

Word speaks out against us so that we may well study to quit speaking
against Him. We speak against Him when we present ourselves as righteous
in His sight. To picture that we are righteous is to be guilty of
self-deception. If we are to love the blessing that comes to us from
the Lord, there is anything that we will have to hear: “this warning is for
you” (Malachi two:1). By way of the warning of the Gospel, we are brought
into the position exactly where we see ourselves as sinners. This is God’s way
of displaying us our require of the Saviour. It really is His way of top us to

There is, in Malachi three:1, a prophecy which has two components –
John the Baptist, Jesus the Saviour. When Jesus comes to us, He tends to make us
new (Malachi three:two-three). This objective of God – to make us holy – is in
fulfilment of His program, which has been spoken of in “the previous, as in
years lengthy ago” (Malachi three:four). In His coming, there is salvation, and
there is also judgment (Malachi three:five). When we speak about prophecy and
fulfilment, there is anything we will have to under no circumstances neglect: “I, the Lord, under no circumstances
transform” (Malachi three:six). When we study God’s Word, we will have to pray that we
will see the continuity that comes from the character of God. In Old
Testament occasions, in New Testament occasions and these days, He calls us to
“return” to Him. He promises that He will “return” to us. As we are
faithful in committing ourselves to Him, He will send His blessing to us
(Malachi three:7-10). This blessing is described in Malachi three:11-12. If we
are to love His blessing, we will have to study to quit speaking against Him
(Malachi three:12-14). It is a fantastic issue to seek God’s blessing. We will have to
under no circumstances take His blessing for granted. That is arrogance (Malachi three:15).
The improved way is the way of fearing the Lord and serving Him (Malachi
three:16,18). When we give ourselves genuinely to the Lord, we will draw
strength from this: “They will be mine, says the Lord of Armies. On that
day I will make them My unique possession” (Malachi three:17).

Sun of Righteousness will rise … ” (Malachi four:two). The best Son of
God has risen from the dead. This is the excellent declaration of salvation.
The resurrection – This is what stands at the heart of the New
Testament. The resurrection stands at the centre of the Gospel of
Christ. This is the believed that we are to carry with us into the New


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