The Freedom of Salvation


Yesterday I preached from Romans eight:1-four on the subject—”Freedom of Salvation” as Paul pointed to how we are no cost from the bondage of sin. In this glorious chapter, we see some really crucial truths emerging to the surface. In this single chapter, we have a summary of our salvation from previous, to present, and seeking to the future. Paul starts with a clear statement concerning no condemnation and he will finish this chapter with a concentrate on no separation.

In these verses, Paul pointed to our freedom from condemnation and our freedom by means of salvation. In other words, we have been freed from our condemnation and liberated to a life of worship and service to our Triune God. All 3 Persons of the Trinity are involved in our salvation. In the very first verse, Paul delivers the reality that we have been saved from condemnation—literally the damnation of God. This is mainly focused on the perform of Christ Jesus (as he names Jesus’ saving name and his workplace as the Christ of God). Nothing can please God outdoors of a single sacrifice – a single glorious sacrifice – a single that was typified in the OT but fulfilled in the NT. One particular that was foreshadowed beneath the Law but fulfilled in the Individual and perform of Jesus Christ – the Lamb of God who requires away the sin of the planet (John 1:29).

This chapter has a heavy concentrate on the perform of the Spirit of God in our salvation. We see the Spirit of God referenced in verses Romans eight:two, four, five, 9, 11, 13, 14, 16, 23, 26-27. If all you know about your salvation is that Jesus died for your sins – you have a really shallow view of salvation and a a single dimensional view of your salvation. As gloriously pictured in Romans eight, we have a majestic God who has brought us into the family members of God and all 3 Persons are engaged from start off to finish—from eternity previous to eternity future.

Paul also puts on show the perform of the Father in sending his personal Son as an providing for our sin (Rom. eight:three). The perform of sending the Son predates human history as the blueprint of redemption’s story was place into motion amongst the counsel of the Trinity. As depicted in the Scriptures, the Father sent the Son who took upon himself human flesh and suffered, bled, and died for sinners (1 Pet. two:24). This likewise draws a definitive line in the sand—making Jesus the single door and only signifies of salvation for sinners in the complete planet (John 14:six).

Jesus suffered the crushing blow of God’s wrath as he was predestined for this perform and completed it on the cross (Is. 53:10). Jesus became a servant who completed the Father’s will (Phil. two:7). It was Christ who became poor in order that his individuals may well turn into wealthy (two Cor. eight:9). This is the glorious perform of Jesus.

Ultimately. all of this was achieved in order that we may well reside in accordance with the righteous demands of God’s law. Without the need of the perform of the Holy Spirit in our lives, we would under no circumstances be capable of living the Christian life. Not only can the all-natural man not save himself (John 1:11-13), but he likewise can’t reside in accordance with God’s righteous demands. It is by means of the Spirit that a particular person lives humbly and acts justly in this fallen planet (Micah six:eight). It is by the energy of the Spirit that we discover to adore God supremely and to adore our neighbor as ourself (Mark 12:29-31 Gal. five:22-23).



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