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I’m writing this e-mail on a Tuesday, two days earlier than usual, for the reason that my newest book — ReGrace: What the Shocking Beliefs of the Terrific Christians Can Teach Us Now – just released.

Let me say a handful of words about the book ahead of I inform you how to download the initial five chapters and get the book on discount.

  1. It is the funniest book I’ve ever written. The complete volume is peppered with humor.
  2. It is quick. Significantly less than 200 pages if you do not count the endnotes.
  3. If you like church history, you will locate it fascinating (I count on, anyway).

A Swift Word About Rick Warren

Like all Christian leaders who are producing an influence, Rick Warren has been unjustly attacked and lied about for years.

Case in point: Somebody talked about my new book the other day on the viper pit known as “Facebook” and a professing Christian — who I do not know — publicly attacked Rick with outrageous lies. The particular person spread horrible rumors about him that have been debunked years ago.

This was each ironic and disturbing for 3 factors:

  1. ReGrace was written to expose and right this sort of obnoxious behavior, displaying it to be sinful and contrary to the Spirit of Jesus Christ.
  2. Rick didn’t create one particular word of the book. He just asked me to create it. So even if he have been the Antichrist or the spawn of Satan, it is ludicrous to cast aspersions upon him when the book is talked about.
  3. I’ve written extensively more than the years about the Holy Spirit-grieving sins of slander, gossip, and rumors. However some “Christians” nevertheless targeted traffic in them with no wincing.

(See Do not Think Every thing You Study or Hear and Have You Heard? to see how significant this sin is to the Lord.)

Even though Rick and I do not agree on just about every point of theology (what two individuals do?), he’s a genuine brother in the Lord whom God has utilized to bring thousands of individuals to Christ. And he’s completed far a lot more for the kingdom than his blue-blooded critics have.

Slander is abuse, plain and straightforward. In reality, it is so heinous that Paul says it is a sin worthy of excommunication (1 Corinthians five:11). So I have no tolerance for it, and neither must you.

That mentioned, ReGrace bargains with how Christians routinely mistreat one particular a different more than alleged doctrinal and political trespasses. And how we can adjust that.

Its message highlights an critical aspect of the Insurgence.

ReGrace is readily available in paperback, Kindle, Nook, and ePub. The audio version is not readily available but, but it will be in the future.

==&gt GO Right here to study the table of contents, Introduction, download the initial five chapters, and order the book on discount.

Or place ReGrace.information into your browser.

Thanks for supporting the book. I hope you adore it!



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