The Ark of Peace is Entered Two by Two


On the path of private development and the quest to understanding the genuine Self, 1 really should count on to encounter various snags along the way. Such as, when you are deep in your solitary practice of A Course in Miracles and you study:

“The Ark of Peace is Entered Two by Two”


This verse becomes a major query mark, and possibly a difficult pill to swallow when you like getting single and do not thoughts getting alone.

If you are single, your ego will promptly come up with each excuse to dismiss the truth that evolution needs connection and interaction with yet another. If you have encountered the Ark of Peace initial-hand though in the midst of a connection crisis, you will instantaneously know the validity and value of this highly effective message.

ark of peace entered two by two

“Relatively handful of persons are genuinely committed to peace as a realistic target, for in their private lives, most persons favor getting ‘right’ at what ever expense to their relationships or themselves.”

~ Sir David Hawkins M.D., Ph.D

As a Course student for additional than two decades, I located it a lot easier to apply the teachings and stroll the spiritual path alone. Right after all, we are in connection to every little thing, so 1 could possibly argue “why the have to have for a committed connection?”. Regrettably (or thankfully), as evolution would have it there comes a time when you can not ignore the cosmic 2×4 bombarding you with the reality that relationships are important for your private development. Eventually, the message gets your complete consideration. And properly, let’s just say, ignorance is bliss (for a though at least) due to the fact there is no turning back.

ark of peace entered two by twoI want to share a private story which was 1 of my greatest cosmic 2×4’s enabling me to fully grasp the weight of being aware of why the Ark of Peace is Entered Two by Two. It is not an quick story to share as I have to divulge the ignorance of how small I truly knew about Getting spiritual, but if . . .

I can assistance yet another ease the burden of a questioning heart, I will most surely try…

It was various years ago and my life was extremely astounding. I had a lot of occasions whereby I was experiencing miracles on a frequent basis. It is not critical to describe the a lot of methods in which spirit blessed my life, but rather what I discovered via the challenges of what spirit teaches about living in the reality of relationships.

You see, I was terminally single at the time and loved it! I moved into my dream dwelling and decided to take a sabbatical and a break from dating and relationships. I was just so darn content, absolutely nothing felt like it was missing, and I was terrific alone. In addition, I wasn’t interested in somebody else’s “baggage” disrupting my charmed life.

Having said that, the universe had distinct plans and without the need of realizing it my spiritual development and the chance to find out about Actual Appreciate hinged on what came subsequent . . .

The words of Khalil Gibran describe it best…

When like beckons to you stick to him,

Although his methods are difficult and steep.

And when his wings enfold you yield to him,

Although the sword hidden amongst his pinions may well wound you.

And when he speaks to you think in him,

Although his voice may well shatter your dreams as the north wind lays waste the garden.

For even as like crowns you so shall he crucify you.

ark of peace entered two by twoNow back to the confession er huh I imply story…

The prior owner of my new dwelling was going via a divorce. He was really charming when it came to the way he flirted with me. I attempted to dismiss the flirtations being aware of that he wasn’t my kind. He was persistent. I struggled with the thought of dating him as I truly believed I was at a considerably a greater level of consciousness. In addition, to entertain such a connection would be a waste of my spiritual development and time. So I believed.

It is exciting to mention, that when I was deep in my spiritual practice, aligned with spirit, and committed to getting my highest Self, I located I was totally interested in him and followed along. I was “falling in love” and totally enthralled in the connection. I could see the perfection in who he was and was in a position to accept everything…warts and all. It was an astounding and confusing encounter.

Having said that, when I wasn’t spiritually aligned, committed to getting my highest Self, and skipping my spiritual practice I was regularly judging him. Questioning myself and the connection was a frequent factor. I lost track of how a lot of instances I was performed. In addition to how a lot of instances I threw in the towel. I struggled so considerably getting in and then out…and then back in, and most likely do not have to have to inform you how exhausted we each became.

As it turns out, this pattern occurs a lot with females who struggle getting in a connection and eventually really feel they are just much better alone.

The Spiritual Path of Appreciate does not appear upon An additional to be Great.  Simply because Actual Appreciate can only See the Perfection of An additional.

Accurate Appreciate does not Judge Something.

This so-known as “wrong relationship“ lasted 4 years commence to finish. Right after it ended the subsequent various years would turn into the most complicated time of my life. I spent 3 months in a fetal position crying my eyes out just after it was certainly more than. In addition, my astounding charmed life totally collapsed and gradually, painfully, seemed to wither away.

ark of peace entered two by twoYou would have empathized with me, as I can inform you a heartbreaking story of betrayal and abandonment. You and I could rally with each other with all our stories of how like is so unfair and not worth the discomfort and suffering. We could possibly commiserate with each other acquiring blame in all the relationships of our previous. In addition, carry our torches higher, warning every person who could possibly listen to the dangers of like. It is critical to mention, this is what A Course in Miracles refers to as “the illusion”.

Simply because the Truth is, this four-year Appreciate Affair was the Largest Blessing of my Life.

ark of peace entered two by twoYou see, without the need of realizing it at the time, it was the initial connection in which I permitted myself to be “in”. It was the initial time I lived my life wholeheartedly just after a lifetime of selecting security at loves expense. It was this encounter I was lacking in order for me to fully grasp and come to know genuine Appreciate, as properly as, my greater Self (capital S). We typically overlook we are spiritual beings obtaining a human encounter and thus stand back from life. We preserve ourselves protected from the hurt, discomfort, and suffering, but once more, this is just an illusion. A Course of Appreciate tells us we are Beings who exist inside the reality of relationships.

Knowledge IS Required to Adjust your Beliefs and Spot your Faith Securely in them.

Uniting Thoughts and Heart with Belief. ~A Course of Appreciate

ark of peace entered two by twoThis four-year connection (and each individual I encountered prior to and just after) are the causes I have the like in my life I do right now. Each and every moment was crucial in acquiring me to exactly where I am now and a important component of my spiritual development.

You see, the Ark of Peace is usually offered to us, but we seldom pass via the arches.

On the spiritual path, when we have the encounter of the miracle, for some purpose we assume every little thing really should be quick and magical. And when it is not, we do a U-turn back to security as an alternative of walking via the difficult moment and via the Ark of Peace (which is extremely complicated by the way). We dig our heels into getting correct (refer back to Dr. Hawkins quote above) and refuse to see yet another with love’s vision.


And this is why A Course in Miracles ought to ask,

We think a crisis with yet another is a sign to GO (which is an illusion).

Simply because, in reality, it is Generally a sign to Develop.


ark of peace entered two by two

It was the encounter of each connection of my previous, each coffee date, and each encounter that taught me to usually query my perception. Now, when my Beloved seems to be carrying out some thing that I obtain disappointing, I am particular to appear for the illusion in which I AM making.

The undoing occurs by means of affirmations to quit my thoughts from crucifying the 1 “responsible” for MY misery. It is an inner dialogue that goes some thing like this…

I see only my previous in this predicament.

I am determined to see this differently.

This is teaching me some thing I do not know.

ark of peace entered two by two

From right here my thoughts becomes extremely nevertheless and I encounter the peace that passes all understanding. In addition, realizing I have to have do absolutely nothing except not to interfere because it is the energy of the power field that moves the immovable mountain in front of me. The very best part… it occurs in an immediate.

My Spiritual Companion and I have been with each other for a lot of years now. It is critical to mention, this anchoring took various years of practicing for me to totally trust that peace is usually the present waiting for me. Waiting for me, that is when I opt for (it is usually a option) to see him as “sinless”.

Recall, A Course in Miracles defines the which means of sin as “lack of love”. It is particularly complicated to attain Atonement by fighting against sin.  Atonement is not welcomed by these who favor discomfort and destruction.

The reality of like, as properly as the Ark of Peace, hinges on me seeing my Beloved (and every person else) in the truth of who they are. And by the way, this is SO Tough TO DO IN THE MOMENT of a challenge! That is why in order to have this encounter needs practice… lots and lots of practice.

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A Course in Miracles has this to say about Getting into the Ark . . .

Sin has no spot in Heaven, exactly where its benefits are alien and can no additional enter than can their supply. And therein lies your have to have to see your brother sinless. In him is Heaven. See sin in him as an alternative, and Heaven is lost to you. But see him as he is, and what is yours shines from him to you.

For in YOUR component lies all of it, without the need of which is no component full, nor is the complete completed without the need of YOUR part…

The Ark of Peace is Entered Two by Two

ark of peace entered two by two

So, for all you spiritual die-difficult singles out there, I want to encourage you to get in the game. Fall in like with wild abandon and reside each moment wholeheartedly, as this is the portal to accurate like. Count on your wholehearted living to lead to very good instances, but also count on it will lead to vulnerability and disappointment (due to the fact it will). Having said that, this will enable for the light of understanding to enter. In addition, this is your chance to develop and encounter your genuine Self. When yet another hurts you (and they will), this is exactly where you hold out the olive branch, due to the fact it is who you are. See other people as you want to be observed, and prepare to enter the ark with them side by side.

A single final note concerning your component, which is needed to encounter and fully grasp that the Ark of Peace is Entered Two by Two:


  • In each difficult moment pause, close your mouth, and do absolutely nothing – This is exactly where you practice “Being”
  • Do not let your ego formulate a response by enlisting your affirmations (there are 365 in the ACIM workbook)
  • Recall you are going via every single complicated moment due to the fact this precise encounter is necessary – This is the procedure of “Becoming”

So with a leap of faith, preserve lips shut, your mind is nevertheless, and heart is open. Now, I assure you it is God that will usually take the final step.

Be nevertheless and know that I AM God…


Inspired by Dr. David Hawkins, A Course in Miracles and A Course of Appreciate.

Test-driven for Accuracy and Injected with Knowledge.

Really feel cost-free to leave your comments beneath. Be certain to share this with these you like and additional importantly these you do not.


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