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If we do not commence with with a appropriate understanding of what the Christian life is meant to be like then we will misinterpret Scripture, and consequently, God’s will.  The Jesus follower has an expertise on earth that is fully distinctive than every single other sort of particular person.  The error that several Christians make is considering that they are equivalent to other people today they just “believe” a particular way about God–but their actions do not reflect any actual distinction in the way they think than a particular person who “believes” in one thing completely distinctive.

Instance:  If Jesus says that to think in Him we should turn the other cheek, but our humanity rejects that notion and we continue to respond to mistreatment with retaliation, then we do not truly think in what Jesus says. We might like the concept of believing in Jesus, but belief is supported by action–by submission to it is tenants.

The belief that I want to address in a five element series is that of Christian suffering.  The bottom line up front is that Christians are promised continuous suffering though they are on earth and this suffering reinforces to the Christian that they are a follower of Jesus Christ.  If you as a Christian are not suffering then you have not embraced the get in touch with of Christ to choose up your cross everyday and stick to Him.  Selecting up a cross entails suffering every single time you do it.  The opposing belief that Christians have is that “God desires you to be happy” thereby avoiding suffering by generating choices that would safe short-term happiness inside relationships, occupations, and every single other location of life.  The lie of Satan in America nowadays is that Christians have entered into a time of peace exactly where they isolate themselves from the globe and think in Him and have a “good life”.  The issue with that is other people today are going to hell though we appreciate the “good life” of peace.  If we had been spreading the gospel we would be suffering and the “good life” would nonetheless be “good”…just not by the world’s requirements.  It would be “good” since we would know that we are in God’s will and obtaining closer to getting into into His presence 1 day.

The purpose there is misunderstanding about suffering and happiness as Christians is since God definitely does want every person to be delighted.  He desires every person to be blessed beyond their wildest dreams, but the lie that Christians get into is that God is speaking about situational happiness when he is really referring to the happiness that comes with sharing in the suffering that comes with faith in Jesus Christ–because faith in Jesus will expense you all the things that this globe has to offer you.

Idea 1–  Pleasing God normally implies upsetting people today.

Galatians 1:10 –  For am I now attempting to win the favor of people today, or God? Or am I striving to please people today? If I had been nonetheless attempting to please people today, I would not be a slave of Christ. (HCSB)

Our beliefs in God are in direct opposition to the wisdom of the organic globe.  Every little thing that a Christian stands for is revealed by God and can not be comprehended and obeyed by an individual who has not submitted their will to the 1 and only God of all creation. Why? Simply because people today will often attempt to take the path in life that preservers their flesh when they are not getting coerced to behave in a way contrary to their person will.  When the Bible talks about “the flesh” it is speaking about a person’s humanity–their bodies, their feelings, and their will.  Individuals do what ever it requires to expertise everyday happiness, but situational happiness is never ever assured to correlate with  God’s will.  When we tell  people today that faith in God implies releasing manage of our lives and relying on God alone for happiness we are not celebrated.  As Christians we have the duty of revealing the truth of God to all people today regardless of how they respond to it.  Telling people today that there is only 1 God–Jesus Christ–and that loving people today even though they mistreat us is 1 of the essential elements of Christianity, is not well known.  Living to appreciate other people is not well known.  Individuals speak about wanting to serve other people in the secular globe, but when people today who reject Jesus serve other people they are not carrying out it out of a compulsion to glorify God–which matters in the finish.  I will often celebrate people today carrying out very good, even if they do not think in God.  But for their personal sake, if they do not think that Jesus is God, then I am compelled to convince them that they should really submit their lives to that reality and expertise forgiveness of their life of rebellion against Him since in the finish their very good deeds will have passed and they nonetheless have to answer to God for what they have carried out incorrect.  Living to assistance other people see that unless they repent from their personal selfish lives and reside for Jesus and reside to appreciate other people, is not well known.  Specifically when we assert that a lack of carrying out so will wind up with them getting to sent to an eternal hell apart from the 1 and only God.

I pray that every single believer would recall that getting a slave of Christ implies to only reside out of the revelations that come from God and that every single Christian would cease abiding by the wisdom of this globe and mixing worldly ideas with Godly ones.  Moreover, that every single Christian would embrace the concept that rejecting worldly ideas will outcome in suffering by means of emotional discomfort, physical discomfort, and a lowly view of us in the eyes of the globe.



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