Studying Logos: Obtain Greek Words Translated with an English Word


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A college student contacted me with the following situation:

I’m taking a homiletics course and have to have to discover the Greek words translated “preach” in the New Testament. How can this be achieved in Logos?

I really like inquiries like this due to the fact the answer is in the Logos wheelhouse!

Take a swing at this:

  • Decide on Guides | Word Guides | Greek Words (A)

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  • Form the word preach in the Word box (B)
  • Press the Enter essential to produce a report
  • Use these suggestions as you perform with the ring:
    • The ring is primarily based on your preferred Bible (C)
    • The English word for which the report is generated is in the center of the ring (D)
    • The quantity of occurrences of the English word in the New Testament of your preferred Bible is to the left of the spark graph (E)
    • The different Greek words translated with the English word are about the ring (F)

Click a Greek word outdoors the ring (G) to see exactly where that Greek word is translated with the English word (H)

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Click the Greek lemma beneath the ring (I) to produce a Bible Word Study for that lemma (J)

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As you can inform, the essential to this study job is to develop and examine a report for every single Greek word translated preach. Soon after a thorough examination of all the Greek words, we’ll have a quite excellent grasp of the New Testament which means of preaching.

We could, of course, open the Hebrew Words section to analysis Hebrew words in the Old Testament.

These two Guide sections, Hebrew Words and Greek Words, are good tools for investigating words/subjects like:

  • Worship
  • Forgiveness
  • Like
  • Patience
  • Or quite considerably any word you like!

For extra detailed data about the Guide, Bible Word Study, attend an upcoming Camp Logos or verify out 24/7 video education at

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