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This week we are so thrilled to once again be bringing you a very special and new coffee roast to review from the awesome trio (Jessica, Nick, and Jeff) at BOLD3!  BOLD3 is a non-profit coffee startup operating out of Wayzata, Minnesota and they have a powerful calling that you can watch here in their own words:



Please take a moment to visit their website and signup for more information about their cause and how to support them! Their purpose is clear:  For every bag purchased, God’s Word reaches 3 children worldwide through their partnership with OneHope!

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BOLD3 sent us three of their Roasts Eagles Wings, Light of the World and their new roast (not yet released) Strong and Courageous to review and share with you all

These bags were very easy to open and did not require scissors. The bag was resealable and also included a degassing valve which also keeps the coffee beans fresh in transit. The purpose of the valve is to release naturally emitted carbon dioxide and trapped air while preventing external air from entering in to keep the beans fresh.


Let’s Get Brewing!

For our coffee tasting reviews, we use a pour-over method set-up which consists of using our using our Manual Burr Coffee Grinder from JavaPresse to grind the beans, pour-over ceramic dripper and Hario V60 Coffee Filters.  To hold the pour-over dripper well above the coffee mug (easy visibility of the cup’s contents) we used the Hario DSC-1TB ”Cube” Drip Coffee Stand.  To heat the water to pour over the grounds we are using a KRUPS Gooseneck Electric Kettle.

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℘  Strong and Courageous

A Fresh Fine/Medium Grind

Allowing grounds to swell and de-gas for 30 seconds to release CO2.

Our Thoughts:

“Haven’t I commanded you: be strong and courageous? Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”
– Joshua 1:9 (CSB)

Have you ever seen a kid waiting for Santa on Christmas who’s giddy and just filled with happiness?  That’s pretty much us when we know some new coffee is almost here.  On top of that, it’s a dark roast AND it’s from our friends at BOLD3!  As we mentioned above, we’ve had the opportunity to review their other coffee roasts (Eagle’s Wings and Light of the World).  It was great to be able to have all three fresh and ready to try again along with Strong and Courageous.  In the images above, you can see the roast level is considerably darker than the other two.  The tasting notes from our previous reviews are essentially what we experienced again, so we won’t go into too much detail on Eagle’s and Light.  We want the shining star of this post to be none other than their delightful new dark roast.

From the time that we opened the pouch, we were immediately greeted with a pungent, savory aroma that promised so many good things ahead shortly.  The oils gathered on the outside of the beans and reflected the light as we peered into the pouch and subsequently filled the grinder.  Our senses were singing as we poured the water and watched our cup of coffee appear.  It was finally time to taste it!

Strong and Courageous is a great name for this coffee.  It’s an Indonesian & South American blend roasted until it’s quite dark.  On our initial tasting, we immediately tasted a bold, heavy-bodied, smooth coffee without any bitterness or acidity.  This is an immensely satisfying, enjoyable and bold coffee from BOLD3.  If you’re not into chasing all of the diverse flavors found in the various growing regions and want a solid cup of coffee this is a winner.

We loved the description of the flavors as noted by the tasters at BOLD3:  “Wholehearted, Full spirited & dark cocoa notes”.  We had never seen “wholehearted” describe coffee before, but we get it now.  It’s a quality to this blend that’s bracing and satisfying.  Beyond the slight cocoa flavor, nothing else stands out.  That may sound bad, but we view it as if it were a symphony.  Every unique aspect of this coffee works together to become more than it would be by itself.

Subscribe and Save!

All 3 of the roasts from BOLD3 we have been able to try have been seriously good coffee.  If you’re looking to support a great mission and drink some of the best coffee you can buy check out their subscription option (Note: we get no referral or affiliate compensation – we just REALLY love their mission)!

Currently, they’re selling “Eagle’s Wings” in 1 Lb bags for $22/bag.  If you subscribe, you will save 5% bringing the cost down a little (as well as free shipping) for you and greatly supporting their coffee and the children it equips with God’s Word!

Look for the following option when adding your coffee to the cart on their site:


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