Some of Dad’s A lot of Qualities


The smart shall inherit glory, but shame shall be the legacy of fools. Proverbs three:35

This passage tends to make me feel about what my dad’s legacy will be when he’s no longer with us. Somehow, I am hoping that this will assistance me really feel much better as my dad gradually loses a lot more weight. 

My dad has constantly been a extremely principled man. He lived by these principles and people today admired him for it. He, also, has been extremely loyal. He would stand my an individual via thick and thin. My dad has a funny sense of humor, one thing that I did not inherit, regrettably. He can say one thing and have people today rolling in the aisles! He’s a true character, at occasions!

In addition, my dad is extremely wise. No, he did not have a college degree, but he produced inventions. He adapted machinery and other points to make it serve a new or much better objective than it initially did. 

Dad has constantly loved gardening and preserving his generate from his backyard, prior to moving right here. Dad loves to play games like Dominoes and Solitaire and has completed so with his good-grandchildren. Dad’s an great strategical player in these games. 

My dad is stubborn to a fault which is each excellent and undesirable, at occasions. This stubbornness keeps my dad from providing up very easily on points. Occasionally, I feel that is why Dad’s lived so lengthy, but then I keep in mind that God is in handle of how lengthy we all reside. I just really feel blessed that I’ve gotten to commit all this additional time with my dad, stubborn or not! 

Alzheimer’s Illness: A Caregiver’s Viewpoint
by: Demystifying Medicine, Zunaira Tariq, Hailey Leroux, Semir Bulle and Shatha Jaber 
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