Shug…My Steps of Faith: Cowboys and Cornbread


Shug…My Steps of Faith: Cowboys and Cornbread

Cowboys and Cornbread

Cowboys and Cornbread…..these two things remind me of my Dad!  Oh was a rare thing to see my dad without his Cowboy hat, wearing those Cowboy Boots, and a Snap button  Western shirt.

All he needed was a Texas Star Badge and he could have been the STAR in any old Western Movie!

In between Mylee’s “Little Dribblers” games this past weekend, Sam and I drove over and visited a Plant Farm that was in the area.   I always enjoy visiting {Jordan’s Plant Farm) located here in East Texas.  

Sam was shopping for garden plants! He bought several kinds of tomato plants and a few peppers.  

My favorite thing is walking through the different rooms that Jordan’s has throughout the building.  They have an old Country store with many old western scenes as well as other decorations.   

Now…..I’m guessing you are wondering how I’m going to add CORNBREAD into this post.  Well, {Jordan’s} did not have any cornbread for sale, but the old western scenes made me think of my dad. In the Country Store, I saw many old tin cans and jars that were filled with dried pinto beans.  

What goes with cooked pinto beans?  


My dad loved to break up his cornbread into a tall glass…..add some milk and a little salt.   This made for an awesome meal or snack.

Our older grandkids always wanted to eat cornbread and milk, just like their “Papaw.”
I have to say…I liked it myself.  

I wonder how many of the younger generation have ever had such a treat.  

Anyways…’s to Cowboys and Cornbread!!!

I love sweet memories like these.

Happy Trails to you!


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