Saved by Fire (Helaman five)


In Helaman five, Nephi and Lehi, the sons of Helaman, enter Lamanite territory to preach the gospel. They have considerably accomplishment as eight,000 are baptized, but some of the Lamanites come to be angry and cast Nephi and Lehi into prison. The Lamanite guards later enter the prison to kill them, but they encounter an uncommon sight: “Nephi and Lehi had been encircled about as if by fire, even insomuch that they durst not lay their hands upon them for worry lest they really should be burned” (verse 23).

Right after a series of events in which the walls of the prison tremble and a voice from heaven urges all to repent, Nephi and Lehi are once more encircled by a pillar of fire:

“Yea, they had been as if in the midst of a flaming fire, but it did harm them not…and they had been filled with that joy which is unspeakable and complete of glory. And behold, the Holy Spirit of God did come down from heaven, and did enter into their hearts, and they had been filled as if with fire, and they could speak forth marvelous words.” (Helaman five:44-45)

In the above story, the lives of Nephi and Lehi had been saved by the fire that all of the people today witnessed that day. Afterward, they had been filled with the fire that represents the Holy Ghost, which permitted God to speak by way of them, sooner or later saving lots of people today from their sins.

The identical Holy Ghost is accessible to every of us now. We get it following becoming baptized when the ministry lays their hands on us and prays for us to get it. At that moment, we really should really feel as if we are “filled with fire” — prepared to reside our lives for the Lord, thankful for the present of salvation, and anxious to assistance other individuals understand the way that they can also be saved from their sins.

As lengthy as we listen to it, the Holy Ghost will also maintain us on the “straight and narrow path” that will lead to getting our souls saved in God’s eternal kingdom for all time. The globe will a single day be destroyed by fire, but we will be saved by fire in God’s kingdom.

As an added bonus to eternal salvation, the Holy Ghost also permits God to communicate with us in this life. We most likely all have testimonies of becoming saved from going by way of some sort of difficulty as a outcome of becoming prompted by God by way of the Holy Ghost. Previous Miracle Monday submissions to the Gospel Weblog as properly as The Church history books have recounted some of these occasions, such as some exactly where lives had been actually saved by heeding the prompting of the Holy Ghost. When reading these accounts, image the individual surrounded by fire as Nephi and Lehi had been and becoming saved by fire that day.

Aspect of my personal private testimony is a time when my life was saved devoid of a doubt by a single word from God by way of the Holy Ghost:


Driving to function a single morning, I exited the highway and ready to make a left turn to drive up a hill. I looked up the hill and saw a big tractor trailer barreling down the hill at a higher price of speed. In my thoughts, I did the fast calculations that lots of of us do as drivers: Truck will attain me in five seconds, it will take me three seconds to cross the intersection and turn up the hill — a lot of time!


As my foot touched the gas pedal and ready to press down, it occurred — I heard a single audible word in the vehicle — “NO.” The word and the which means had been unmistakable and but there was a element of me that was nevertheless considering, “But I can make it in time!” As if attempting to lift a heavy weight with my foot, I struggled against my personal will and ultimately managed to lift my foot from the gas pedal.


I sat there and watched as the truck cruised by way of the intersection at such speed that the wind in its wake rocked my vehicle back and forth. With the coast now clear, I stepped on the gas, my vehicle proceeded into the intersection and promptly stalled, leaving me proper in the path of exactly where the truck had passed just seconds earlier. Clearly, had I proceeded across the intersection in front of the truck, it would not have had time to prevent me and my vehicle would have been crushed, starting with the driver’s seat. My life was saved that day by God speaking to me by way of the Holy Ghost.


We can all be thankful for the “fire” that God has offered that can save us from difficulty, can save our lives, and can specifically save us from our sins. Let’s appreciate and heed the Holy Ghost — our personal private piece of God that He has provided us.

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