Ryker Eugene- 12 Months



The Information:

– You are saying so numerous new words. You stated &ldquomama&rdquo for about a week straight and now only say it when you are in a lot of distress. Stubborn boy.&nbsp You say &ldquothank you,&rdquo &ldquoall accomplished,&rdquo and &ldquohigh 5.&rdquo&nbsp You also just began signing for &ldquoplease.&rdquo

– You are off of formula and entirely on complete milk. You nonetheless take three bottles a day and are a small certain about them.&nbsp You drink cold milk out of a sippy but bottles have to be at least area temperature.&nbsp


– You failed your hearing test that was element of a comply with up from your tubes.&nbsp We will be going for a recheck in the summer season.

– You have 4 teeth and we maintain waiting for extra to pop by means of.&nbsp You are regularly drooling and chewing on items.

– You bite.&nbsp Largely you save this for mommy and you do it really hard.&nbsp Tiny stink.


– You enjoy your new area. By enjoy, I imply you wake up about after a evening and want to be rocked back to sleep.&nbsp As significantly as we enjoy the additional cuddles with you, mommy and daddy would actually appreciate possessing their sleep back.


– You appreciate having into difficulty a small bit.&nbsp I blame it on you becoming all boy. One particular of your preferred items to do suitable now is play with the registers in the floor.&nbsp

-Diaper adjustments are ordinarily a wrestling match with you as effectively as having you into your car or truck seat. You are not a fan of either. At times your sisters or a song can distract you from your hatred of these items.


– You enjoy to &ldquowalk&rdquo about items and push items about the residence.&nbsp Your grandma Kathy got you your 1st pair or footwear and you just take off in them.

– You are a protein and carb eater.&nbsp You have began taking fist fulls of meals and cramming them in your mouth. There are days you out consume your sisters. You ordinarily make a fuss about vegetables, till they are the only issue left on your tray and then you devour them.

IMG_1212[1]Tiny man, you make us smile so significantly.&nbsp We enjoy you extra than you could ever know!




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