Providing Praise to the Enid Public College Method


The regional newspaper printed the state report cards for Oklahoma state public secondary education schools. Numerous men and women outdoors of Oklahoma might be unaware that Enid is the hub for northwestern Oklahoma, and that there are various public college systems in what larger cities would contact “suburbs” of Enid.

For instance, there is the fantastic Chisholm College District in North Enid, Pioneer College district in southwest Enid, Waukomis College District 5 miles south on Highway 81, and a handful of other college districts just outdoors the city limits of Enid, such as Drummond, Garber, and Cimarron. There are also some stellar private Christian schools, such as Oklahoma Bible Academy and Emmanuel Christian College, two of the finest Christian schools not just in our state, but in this area of the United States.

Enid is absolutely not a a single college district city.

That stated, I want to praise Enid Public Schools. Schools, like churches, will usually have their detractors. I am not a single of them.

There are handful of public college districts in the whole state of Oklahoma that knowledge the challenges that the Enid Public Schools technique faces.

Almost five,000 Pacific Islanders reside in Garfield County, more than three,000 of them Marshallese from the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Enid is the county seat of government for Garfield County. The city of Enid, Oklahoma has the highest percentage of Pacific Island men and women, per capita, than any other city in the United States. Emmanuel Enid even has a Pastor to Pacific Islanders (Yohanes Arwakon) who is in Majuro, the Republic of the Marshall Islands, to discover the language, make contacts with government officials, and get as considerably know-how as he can on how we can assistance our Pacific Island pals acclimate to American culture and assistance these who reside in Garfield County create their neighborhood common of living.

When the United States government performed nuclear testing in the Pacific in the course of the 1940s and 1950s, we destroyed the livelihood of a lot of Pacific island cultures. Particularly, the Marshallese men and women had been devastated by nuclear fallout.

In what can only be thought of “government atonement” for the devastation triggered in the Pacific, the United States government allows the Marshallese, Chuukese, and other indigenous Pacific Island men and women groups impacted by U.S. nuclear testing to freely move from their properties in the Pacific to the United States without having a visa. They can also perform in America, join the American military, and be thought of permanent residents of America without having all the official U.S. government approvals essential by every single other immigrant who desires to come to America. The Marshallese and Chuukese have selected 3 locations in the United States to reside: Portland, Oregon Springdale, Arkansas, and Enid, Oklahoma.

As soon as once more, Enid has the highest percentage of Pacific Islanders per capita of any city in the United States.

Although the Marshallese, Chuukese, and other Pacific Island cultures are offered cost-free access to enter America and perform, they are barred from positive aspects, such as healthcare insurance coverage, welfare, and other government subsidies that even some illegal immigrants acquire.

It is a catch-22.  America says, “Come and love our nation. Spend your taxes. Fight for our military. Oh, by the way, no positive aspects for you.”

The Pacific Islander households in Enid can not afford private education. Numerous of them can not afford good properties in the suburbs of Enid. Although there are some Marshallese in all college districts in and about Finish, the vast majority of the 5000 Pacific Islanders in Garfield County are affiliated with Enid Public Schools.

When a single appears at the “State Grade” for Enid Higher College, a single will see that EHS received an general grade of “C.” 

That is a miracle.

Drill down a tiny additional and you will see why that grade wasn’t the “A” or “B” the college deserves.


I know adequate about college grades that if a student gets two “D’s” and a single “F” out of a attainable six grades, the student would be ecstatic more than a “C” grade.

Listen very carefully. I never blame our Pacific Island pals for the “C” grade of the Enid Public College Method. Not at all.

I am saying that a final grade never ever tells the whole story.

I am thrilled with the progress of Enid Public Schools and challenge every single Enid citizen to “step up to the plate” and assistance.

Volunteer Tutoring of Pacific Island Youngsters

The Pacific Island Culture is distinctive than American culture. No one wears a watch. It is known as “Island Time.” Meetings begin two hours late and it is thought of suitable. In America, that is known as “Chronic Absenteeism.” It requires seven years to turn into fluent in the American language due to the fact English is a incredibly hard language to discover. “Proficiency” requires time – properly into college-age years, so Pacific Islanders will never ever be as English proficient as American youngsters of privilege. In addition, Pacific Islanders have low expectations concerning jobs. There is no will need to “graduate” and go to “college” if a single requires to make income to assistance spend the household bills by way of manual labor.

Kudos to Dr. Darrel Floyd, Superintendent of Enid Public Schools, the administrators,  the teachers, and all who assistance make Enid Public Schools a excellent college technique.

Have you driven about Enid lately and noticed the progress in infrastructure to our Enid Public schools? I’ve been in Enid for practically 3 decades, and we have been producing unbelievable strides in upgrading and expanding our educational facilities these final 5 years.

Developing the Pacific Island Ministry Center, Enid, Oklahoma

The church I pastor is also undertaking our component to assistance our Pacific Island pals. In addition to supporting a pastor and his household who minister straight to Pacific Islanders, we’re developing a Pacific Island Neighborhood Center in partnership with Forgotten Ministries. We are teaching these from the Pacific Islands English every single week by way of a ministry known as “English as a Second Language” (led by Monda Lowen). We also pull in all the Pacific Island kids we can to tutor them every single Monday, assisting them with their homework. Numerous of us are speaking to the state government officials to possibly get Pacific Islanders such as in state healthcare insurance coverage applications which will assistance our regional hospitals. We are operating with regional colleges and universities to boost graduation prices of Pacific Island higher college by providing scholarship incentives for a college education. When we get our Pacific Island Ministry Center completed, we’ll be providing job education and profession days to permit regional organizations to assistance Pacific Islanders in profession advancement.

It is the least we can do for our Pacific Island pals to assistance them acclimate to American cultural expectations.

The point of this post is to encourage you to understand that what is taking place at Enid Public Schools is extraordinary.

And it is due to excellent leadership.


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