Progressive Christian Reflections by Chris Glaser: When Evangelicals Had been Kinder


Qumran, West Bank, 

Palestinian desert, 1981 (CRG)

Christian got tired of hanging out with God in the
wilderness and started getting temptations to be a thing far more than a mere
follower of Jesus.
Turn these stones to “bread,” as in “money,” and
with that funds appreciate the prosperity you had been intended to have! It is extended been believed
that these with major homes and costly automobiles and material wealth are
specifically blessed by God. You cannot reside by God’s words alone!
See the higher steeple of this megachurch: this will
be yours—large and influential, preferred and spectacular, perhaps even worldwide!—as proof of your faith
and goodness and good results to the globe and to other churches. God will certainly be
tempted to reward you bigtime!
You will have political energy if you bow to leaders
who join you in abusing and controlling the bodies of other people: workers, ladies,
trans people today, lesbians and gays, immigrants, people today of colour, the needy, and
any one who stands in your way. You can have all the energy you will need to make the
globe in your image! It will be sweet.
No, Jesus cannot come along. He would never ever
comprehend. He had a very good notion but just does not know how to capitalize on it. You do. You are improved
than he is. Don’t forget even he stated you’d do higher points than he did.  And such a loser! Got himself crucified!
parable came to me in the middle of the evening, as I believed about how considerably
kinder my evangelical, fundamentalist parents had been than the evangelical
Christians of now. I recognize, in their hunger for energy, influence, and
handle, evangelicals have lost their way.
got me to pondering of this was an opinion piece written by Liesl Schwabe,
“Everything I Know about Feminism I Discovered from Nuns.” It reminded me that numerous
of the values I now hold and market as a progressive Christian I discovered from
evangelical, fundamentalist Christians. Now, I know that numerous of you may perhaps have had
really a distinct practical experience, either of nuns and Catholic college, or of fundamentalism
and evangelicalism, but some of us at least have takeaways from these
experiences that may perhaps never ever have been imagined or anticipated or preferred by
these spiritual communities.
loves the small youngsters,” we had been taught to sing, “all the youngsters of the
globe: red and yellow, black and white, all are valuable in his sight, Jesus
loves the small youngsters of the globe.” In no way does this assistance white
privilege, let alone white supremacy. There are no boundaries or borders to
God’s really like we are all God’s youngsters.
loves me, this I know, for the Bible tells me so. Small ones to him belong,
they are weak, but he is sturdy.” The vulnerable, deprived, underprivileged, marginalized,
and abused alike belong to these whom Jesus loves. And, as procedure theologian
Daniel Day Williams pointed out, it is far more essential (as in life-providing) and
needful to belong than to think.
numerous instances we had been taught that Jesus welcomed lepers, youngsters, ladies, people today with
disabilities, these with mental overall health challenges, the poor, the oppressed, when, in the
words of his mother Mary, “sending the wealthy away empty” and in his personal words calling
upon the wealthy to sell their possessions and distribute the proceeds to the
poor! Jesus was an early advocate of overall health care for all and a challenger of
earnings inequality.
discovered that Jesus praised the faith of a youngster, the faith of these outdoors his
religious neighborhood, the faith of foreigners, the faith of outcasts.
as he was himself dying on a cross, he welcomed a convicted criminal into
Paradise, certainly a subversion of the death penalty.
witnessed a God of mercy that also numerous fundamentalist evangelical Christians
have abandoned, ignored, or forgotten.
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