Progressive Christian Reflections by Chris Glaser: Hope for Us All


Our orchids are just starting to bloom,

thanks to Wade’s year-round care.

a time when numerous of us are discouraged in generating the planet a greater spot, a
current e mail I received could revive our hopes:
Extended ago, you came to speak at Presbyterian
College in Clinton, SC. It was 1996, I think. I was a sophomore back then. I
was a conservative activist with the College Republicans. I produced exciting of you and
your message through your check out with all the courage of a contemporary world-wide-web troll.
I try to remember we (College Republicans) had a meeting to go over how to stress
the college to disinvite you.
I wanted to say that I am deeply sorry for the
stupidity of my youthful immaturity. I am grateful for your perseverance all
these years, in spite of the harshness inflicted by men and women like me. I want you to
know that I am a entirely distinct man these days. I know the worldly news is
otherwise discouraging right here in 2019. But there are men and women positively changed,
even if it is cool to be an ass once more. Be encouraged.
could picture how moved I was to study these words. When I study it aloud to Wade,
my voice broke and tears came. When I decided to create this post, I intended to
paraphrase the e mail and obscure the venue. But the energy of this person’s
words need to not be muffled or muzzled. 
been offered permission by the writer to use the e mail in this post.
Thank you, —-, for a most remarkable and encouraging
e mail such as this! I am grateful for your modify of heart, and for your taking
the time to create to me. When I was young, I as well had views that I can not picture
possessing these days, so I comprehend. You have produced my day! I can’t adequately say
how a great deal your e mail suggests to me!
his grateful response, I wrote that “I could use this occasion of our current
exchange (anonymously) as a sign of hope for us all.”
is fantastic, all the time—even when we are not.

And then there had been 3…

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