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​Last week-finish we had to turn off all our sponsored posts and provide a specific message to you. We let you know that our standard week-finish request for enable wasn’t functioning. We explained that we seriously do rely on your help every week-finish to maintain going and it is the only way we’ve been in a position to dedicate the final 10 years of our lives to The Christian Left. We added that we perform challenging for this neighborhood for the duration of the week ‘commercial no cost.’ On the week-ends we ask for your help. You heard us loud and clear and responded to our need to have. We appreciate it.

(Update Early Evening, Saturday, 12-22-2018: Unfortunately the very same point is taking place these days. We know factors are super busy for people today with the holidays and all but please maintain us in thoughts and do what you can. We’ll be right here to serve you every single day, practically 24/7/365. That is been our track record for 10 years. Aid us make it an additional trip about the sun. This is your national progressive Christian ministry! Donation hyperlink is at the bottom of this weblog post.)

This hyperlink requires you to an overview of our history and our ongoing mission. If you have any inquiries please study that initially.

Here’s a couple of examples of the type of feedback we get practically every single day, “This web page genuinely is a voice shouting from the wilderness. I was so depressed when I had to leave my evangelical Christian globe behind. It had come to be a thing I no longer recognized and I couldn’t remain. My heart was filled with pure joy when I stumbled across The Christian Left on social media. I knew I had been led right here by the Holy Spirit. You have no thought what a relief it was to learn there had been hundreds of thousands of other people today like me. Thank-you so substantially for all the things you do! Know that you are appreciated from the bottom of this Christian’s heart!”

An additional individual mentioned this, “Social media has been taken more than by evil. This is the only web page on the world wide web that fights back every single day by policing trolls who show up to disrupt the neighborhood and having rid of them promptly.”

Just when we believed it couldn’t get any worse for our nation it gets worse. The previous week has been a ideal instance. We have a fake Lawyer Common who will not recuse himself from overseeing the Mueller investigation We’ve lost one particular of the couple of forces of stability left in the Trump administration with the resignation of Defense Secretary James Mattis We’ve been offered what is a genuinely scary image of the President’s thoughts by means of the public resignation letter of Secretary Mattis The President is announcing foreign policy by Tweet to the surprise of everybody about him such as these at the Pentagon, who knew practically nothing of his sudden plans to pull out of Syria Common Kelly is out as White Home Chief of Employees although a short-term Freedom Caucus sycophant, Mick Mulvaney fills in As of yesterday portions of the government have been shut down in a silly standoff more than the political stunt recognized as ‘the wall,’ which everybody but Trump’s base knows would be ineffective and a waste of taxpayer dollars These who are really in charge at the White Home increasingly look to be the President, Jared and Ivanka. That is terrifying simply because none of them has any expertise or knows what they are undertaking.

If there’s one particular mission Trump appears devoted to it is crippling our government institutions and destroying our worldwide alliances. Putin couldn’t be happier with the actions of President Trump. It is as if he place one particular of his agents in the Oval Workplace.

We’re going continue to be right here every single day with up-to-the hour coverage of politics and culture. Christian progressives and their allies ultimately have a spot exactly where they can collect, speak about the challenges, and delight in fellowship with one particular an additional without the need of harassment from conservative “Christian” trolls. That is a worthwhile point.


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