Now I’m not a gardener…


Grandpa was a gardener in truth he was a fantastic gardener. He
worked for the Laird up at the major property in Clackmannanshire, Scotland. It
became his occupation. He took up the job as a gardener when he came residence from
the ‘great war’. He ultimately became the head gardener so he will have to have been
great. His garden at residence was as attractive as the garden he was paid to appear
immediately after – he was far more than the sum of the components. He understood what he was performing and
gained fantastic outcomes. It was his vocation. Becoming a soldier was not his

Mum and dad had been fantastic gardeners, my sister and brother in law
have a fantastic garden, and pals have fantastic gardens…

But I am not a gardener!

There is a sort of particular despair that comes across the faces
of my pals when I speak about gardening simply because they know I am speaking
eloquent rubbish and I do not definitely have a clue. They are incredibly sort and listen to
me with a sympathetic ear (or smirk behind their hands, this getting far more usually
the case). Sometimes I get some thing suitable and this can raise a compact cheer.
More than the years I have spent lots of cash acquiring plants and herbs. Not too long ago I
went to a specialist rose centre to obtain some ‘bare root roses’ (?). When asked
by the assistant what sort of roses I wanted my thoughts went blank and I blurted
out coloured ones! The assistant then opened up a a single sided dialogue all about
roses, I was rooted (no excuses for the pun) to the spot attempting my greatest to show
I was taking in all this info and then she abruptly stated, ‘I hope that
aids?’ I replied, ‘Tall roses please!’. What a dunce! I am not a gardener.

So I have two approaches.

Method 1: When I plant (bury) some thing in the ground, for
instance a tall yellow flower, I pray more than it just in case I am performing a
funeral service! If it survives then I realise that I have certainly picked up the
gardening genes from my grandpa.

Method two: The suitable to life, take pleasure in a wilderness garden exactly where
nature requires its course, only be brutal to the grassed location and reduce it when
required. No burial solutions! So from getting created in God’s image, the fantastic
gardener Himself, I do not assume I was vocationally about when the garden gene
was distributed.

And gardens seem so usually in the bible the Garden of Eden, The
garden in Song of Solomon, Garden of Gethsemane, and Mount of Olives. There are
Cedars of Lebanon getting harvested, Hyssop, Cinnamon, and Myrrh and numerous far more references.

Planting is everywhere in the bible,

‘You will
plant vineyards’, ‘I constructed gardens and parks.’, and ‘You will be like a
effectively-watered garden. ’, ‘Those who perform the land….’.

It is strange is it not with so numerous references to God’s
fantastic creation, gardens, plants, seeds and tree’s that Jesus didn’t say ‘I
will make you a gardener of males.’

He did having said that say, “I
will make you fishers of men”.

I do not dislike gardening, it is the death toll that worries me but, I do like getting a fisherman. I can do that.

Image Credit: Annie Spratt


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